T-Mobile G1 Google phone: Beauty from within

Finally the Google G1 is here, if you have pre-ordered your device in the USA on T-Mobile then you should be-able to get it today. If you are pondering if you want to buy the Google G1 here is a brief outline of the phones good and bad bits to help you decide.

Firstly if you are thinking shall I go for the iPhone 3G or the T-Mobile G1 you will have to question what it is you like about the iPhone first, if it’s the look and how stylish it is then I would say you won’t get as much pleasure if you look at the Google G1, it’s not as aesthetically pleasing by a long shot.

Usability if that’s the key for you then you will find the T-Mobile G1 great, most people can understand the features and get round the phone in less than a hour, has a great trackball as well as touchscreen navigation making it very simple, added to the fact that if you are a Vista or Windows XP user you will see a very familiar interface and find it very easy to use.

The keyboard is well spaced and easy to use, the G1 also supports an array of music players, on the downside of the G1 phone, I would say its bulky, battery life is no better than the iPhone and not enough built in storage.

Let us know what you think of the T-Mobile G1 compared to the iPhone? Have you had a chance to play with the G1 yet?

Source: NYTimes