BlackBerry Pearl 8220 flipping good

Research in Motion (RIM) are at it again with another BlackBerry creation, not satisfied with just having the super sophisticated and stylish BlackBerry Storm hitting the shops very soon, its launching its BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. Of course the Flip means it’s a gorgeous clamshell, you know the phone style that is actually comfortable on year ear rather than basically holding a mini slab of computer genius at your ear.

This BlackBerry Pearl flip cuts out the need to carry a smartphone and a mobile phone, this little beauty does everything you need. You can play music or video, take pictures, browse the web, instant message and email, oh and of course make and receive calls.

RIM have done well with the design of the BlackBerry Pearl 8220, sporting two screens so no need to open the clamshell each time to see. The clamshell also supports a 16 GB micro SD card, SureType keyboard, 2.4 inch interior screen great with YouTube videos.

You can pick up your BlackBerry Pearl Flip on T-Mobile for $150 on a two year contract.

Source: mcall