Pre-sales of T-Mobile G1 near 1.5 million or not?

I seem to recall someone stating that the Google Android T-Mobile G1 was doing really well and almost hitting the one and a half million mark in pre-sales, but apparently this rumour is wrong.

The word is a source close to this situation has stated that although T-Mobile G1 pre-sales are strong and making the handset manufacturer HTC quite happy, the pre-sales figure for the T-Mobile G1 is way off the 1.5 million mark.

Of course us mere mortals don’t actually have access to the true pre-sales figures so either of these rumours could be right or wrong. However, if you take into consideration that it took seventy-four days of real actual sales for the Apple iPhone to hit the magic million, it makes you wonder if T-Mobile are simply playing the figures game.

Source — Engadget