How good is T-Mobile G1 Android Phones Mega Search Option?

Many of you are probably asking “How good is T-Mobile G1 Android Phones Mega Search Option?, well that really depends on what you call good, personally I have the Apple iPhone and the Google search I have on that is pure brilliant, soon as I type something it gives me a list of options.

To start of with the T-Mobile G1 Android handset will be available from October 30th in the UK that will be Free on a £40 monthly contract in white and black. Android incorporates Web services and search across applications, soon as you start to type words into many of the programs in an open window as a search request the phone will go onto clever mode as we like to call it, where soon as you type a few letters into say the contact list it will bring up the matches, it is the same for the web-search.

We are talking about the overall search features within the G1 not just the Google web search, we are talking about contact search, location search, Google maps search etc, overall the new mobile phone seems to be very impressive indeed. Many of these features can be found on the Apple iPhone the good thing about the G1 is that this handset gives you a choice, and choice in our eyes is what we all love the most.