Mobile Phone Dermatitis Alert: Phones can cause skin rash

A report has come in claiming that mobile phones could possibly cause skin rash, the British Association of Dermatologists has put a warning out saying that mobile phones if used for long periods could in fact cause skin rashes on the cheeks and around the ears.

The rash and itchy skin so far is unidentified, the nickname for this problem is called “mobile phone dermatitis,” apparently these rashes can happen if you are allergic to nickel in mobile phone cases and this is where you could possibly get an allergic reaction.

Dr. Graham Lowe, from the British Association of Dermatologists said “”In mobile phone dermatitis, the rash would typically occur on the cheek or ear, depending on where the metal part of the phone comes into contact with the skin. In theory it could even occur on the fingers if you spend a lot of time texting on metal menu buttons,”

According to some results of Bercovitch’s tests these phones mentioned all had nickel in brand-logo, the phones are the Motorola Razr, Motorola SLVR, Motorola L2 and Motorola Q. Other problems were found on the BlackBerry 8700c (speakerphone), Samsung e150 (metal around the screen and menu button); Sony Ericsson W600i (menu button); Samsung d807 (menu button); Sony Ericsson T610 (only if the paint is chipped) and Sony Ericsson W810i (menu button).

Please let us know if any of these phones has caused you skin rashes please?



9 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Dermatitis Alert: Phones can cause skin rash”

  1. Michaela says:

    i am a 16 year old girl and i have a unexplained rash on my hands that doctors have no idea what is causing it… it is like little blisters… reading this i only realised i never talk on my phone i only text… i have a motorola razr mobile but have also had it with previous phones…

  2. sophie says:

    i am allergic to nickel and have recently developed a rash on my ear due to my phone which is the pink samsung G600, i now have to buy a new phone which is plastic and waste my money on a new one, because the rash is not going away.

  3. sarah says:


    I have recently purchased W890i (brown one) I have only had it for a couple of months and all if a sudden I had a rash (like eczema) on my hand. I was racking my brains for ages to think what it was, I though it could have maybe been my mouse in work as it had been used by other people. The rash got so bad it nearly covered my whole and and blistered. So I bought a cover.

    Since using this it has settled and Im able to control it but Ive decided to switch back to an Sony model which I have never had problems with. And I have also never had problems with any other phone apart from this one!

  4. Emma says:

    I have had this problem also, the only reason i figured out what it was is because the phone i am using now Sony Erricsson w880i has left a rash in the same shape as the middle button. I went to see a skin specialist and the gave me about 4 different creams, they did calm it down but i am left with a scar on my face in a perfect circle. Its has really upset me and i have to cover it with makeup. These phones should not be made with nikel, i would say every 1 in 2 people have nikkel allergys and its a very common thing. I thought i was going mad untill i looked it up on the net. I try not to use the phone as mucI wonder if anything can be done about this?

  5. Teresa says:

    My daughter has had her LG Shine – silver for 6 months. She just now started breaking out on her face from it. We have been trying to get AT&T or LG to replace the phone. To produce a product that contains a substance that 10% of people are allergic to and not put a warning label on it seems unethical. This type of allergy can become very serious for some people.

  6. Lydia says:

    Hi, I’ve had an unexplained itchy rash on my left cheek, neck and behind my ear for over a year now. I’ve had lots of different creams but it seems to go and come back. I am using the Sony Ericcson W890i – and it is the ear that I use my phone on! I never thought of this before! But it is always the same side that I use my phone on! Does this phone contain nickel? Also I have never been allergic to Nickel and thinking about it I have only had this problem since using this phone! Thanks

  7. corkyj says:

    SInce getting a Droid in March, 2010, I have developed a severe contact dermatitis on the thumb, index and middle fingers of my right and thumb and index finger of the left hand. The skin of those fingers cracks, bleeds and peels and it is very sensitive and fragile. It is even very difficult to wash my hair. No other part of my hands has been affected. The droid does not appear to be made of nickel. Does anyone have any idea what causes this or do you know anyone else that has this problem?

    1. corjyj says:

      thank you so very much for considering this. it is extremely frustrating. i love the gps, internet, etc on the Droid, but can`t tolerate this skin condition.

  8. Deborah Gray says:

    I've had my LG Snap for 2 months and have just read an article in the Mail about skin reactions. My chin has erupted in big blisters which are red, itchy and very sore and spreading and which so far have been immune the first lot of antibiotics. I am now on a second course of stronger ones. Years ago I had a similar problem after dealing with coins and am now thinking that nickel could be the cause. I am going back to my old phone to see if this helps.