My Gmail account makes my iPhone mail crash: Fixes

Many iPhone users are having problems at the moment and we have had many readers asking about this problem, it seems over on iPhone Atlas they may have potential fixes.

Reports are coming in here and on the Apple Discussions site that when accessing Gmail accounts it causes the iPhones mail application to crash, even apps that access Gmail including contacts cause problems too.

iPhone Atlas said that someone from Apple Discussions reported that when they did a fresh restore and synchronized mail, contacts and calendar to their Exchange Server they had no problems whatsoever, but as soon as they added their Google Apps IMAP account their Contacts started to crash when they scrolled to the bottom of the list or when they tried to search.

Well if you are having these problems you could try these fixes, remember they are only potential fixes.

– Reset network settings: Settings > General > Reset network settings
– Restore the iPhone in iTunes.
– Change password Navigate to your Gmail account page on a computer and change the accounts password. Next, delete the Gmail account from the iPhone and reestablish it.

Thanks to iPhone Atlas for the insight.


One thought on “My Gmail account makes my iPhone mail crash: Fixes”

  1. Mo says:

    Hey! I’ve worked on this for about 20 minutes… Most websites posting solutions are from last year… so I’m not sure why no on has come across this again…

    One reason this can happen, and I haven’t seen this written up anywhere – is if you ENTER YOUR USERNAME IN THE CONFIGURATIONS WITHOUT THE “@GMAIL.COM”

    appended to it.

    ALWAYS write username as “username@gmail.com”

    in all the entries during configuration… This prevents the mail app from aimlessly querying the gmail server (I think that’s part of the crash-problem).

    This fixes the issue.