Phones Review Halloween Happenings: Send us your mobile pictures

Now with Halloween Night coming pretty soon and yes you will be dressing up to look scary as hell, well we thought we should have what we call “Phones Review Halloween Happenings”, we want you to take your mobile phone and get someone to take pictures of your scary Halloween costumes.

One we will get to see your costume, and two we will get to see how good your mobile phone camera is. All you need to do is be honest because we only want pictures that your mobile phone has taken, NOT a digital camera.

This is how simple it is:
1. Get all dressed up and look good
2. Take a picture with your mobile phone
3. Tell us the make and model of your mobile phone
4. Send pictures to mark@phonesreview.co.uk
5. Remember all age groups visit Phones Review, so please keep pictures away from anything untoward.

This is all for fun, we will publish every picture. OHHHHHHHH so scaryyyyyyyyyyy. BOOOOOOO


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