Will you dump iPhone 3G for T-Mobile G1 Android Phone?

We all know by now the release date for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone in the U.S will be with you on October 22 and in the UK October 30, but the question is “Will you dump iPhone 3G for T-Mobile G1 Android Phone?

On a personal note I use the Apple iPhone 3G but I will also be getting the T-Mobile G1 Android Phone as well, then I will use this new handset for a while and decide which one I will keep, whatever I decide Phones Review readers will get the one I don’t keep.

We will also within time give one lucky Phones Review reader a T-Mobile G1 Android Phone as well (Read More Here). The G1 seems to be impressive, ok we do not like the look of the phone and will always say the Apple iPhone looks much better but it is all down to what the mobile phone is capable of, my personal favourite on the G1 has to be the slide out keyboard, oh and the Android, oh the search options, oh damn there seems to be a lot of oh I like here.

This is going to be the hardest decision I have ever made, wonder which phone I will choose, can you guess yet? Please let us know the answer to this question “Will you dump iPhone 3G for T-Mobile G1 Android Phone?


3 thoughts on “Will you dump iPhone 3G for T-Mobile G1 Android Phone?”

  1. judy than says:

    Ooo that’s petty cause the iphone does look better. But the G1 and the silde out keyboard which I like….but I guess I would have to be the iphone I kinnda believe it still sorta better and orignal.

  2. I have been using iPhones ever since they were released but I don’t mind using them both given the fact that they run out of juice before you get back home!!

    An intriguing question is will ATT’s 3G network work on T-Mo’s G1? Specs say yes but no one succeeded yet!

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