HTC Hermes (AT&T 8525), S621 (T-Mobile Dash) Windows Mobile 6 deadline

HTC has just announced that they will remove all and we mean all Windows Mobile 6.0 upgrades from its website, this will happen on October 31.

Even though the above is happening you should all know that this will not affect Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrades and of course will not affect most of you U.S customers. At the moment most of HTC phones which were offered the upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.0 originated in European markets, however HTC is required to report back to giants Microsoft and pay them a little licensing fee, for each device upgraded.

It has been said that there is no reason why a Windows Mobile 2003 mobile phone could not indeed run on Windows Mobile 6.1 today. The two main phones in the U.S that are mentioned are the HTC Hermes (AT&T 8525) and the S621 (T-Mobile Dash). At the moment it is not clear if T-Mobile will continue to offer the Dash upgrade from their web site, HTC however has promised to upgrade all Windows Mobile 6 devices to 6.1; well it seems they are not keeping to their word as they are not updating these two phones. Read the full story here.

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