Possible Sony Ericsson 2009 mobile phone line-up

So how about looking into the future, say 2009, and what mobile phones Sony Ericsson have planned to release if all goes according to their plans. Below is the list expected to become available in 2009.

There are no new smartphones, but there are a few new Walkmans and Cyber-shots ion the list of codenames.

Here we go…Yao, Walkman W350 — Yue, Cyber-shot — Frances, Cyber-shot — Athena, Snapshot — Filippa, Cyber-shot — Kate, Cyber-shot — Rika, Walkman W705.

That’s it, this list was compiled by the guys over at semcblog, but the thing is as far as I am aware, wasn’t the Sony Ericsson Kate, re-named the Sony Ericsson Filippa? See here

Source — semcblog


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