Sprint to get to grips with the Palm Treo 850e

Back in May the Palm Treo 800w got its first sighting on DSL reports, will now there is another gem of information there as well, which just happens to be the Palm Treo 850e for Sprint.

The Sprint Treo 850e pulls down 1060 kbps along with 229s latency on the spcsdns.net network, and runs on MSIE Mobile 6.0.

The Palm Treo 850 is of course the Palm Treo Pro, however the addition of the ‘e’ is new, as is the notice that the Palm Treo 850e is going to Sprint; so we are guessing that the ‘e’ probably denotes destined for Sprint, although I would have thought that would be an ‘s’, still no accounting for just how these addition come about.

Source — wmexperts


One thought on “Sprint to get to grips with the Palm Treo 850e”

  1. Brian Wright Sr. says:

    I have had my Treo 850e since Nov. 09. I have not been able to download bibles from Laridian website. emessage reads ” catapult inatll expert could not find Palm Desktop Software and will cancel the installation” How can I acheive my goal?