T-Mobile G1 against Apple iPhone battle begins October 22nd

Official release date of the T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone will be on Wednesday the 22nd of October. As the T-Mobile G1 is the first of the Google Android based mobile phones, and the fact that Google supplied the open source software, many are expecting great things.

Obviously the crown wearing god of the smartphone market has to be the Apple iPhone, and the Apple iPhone has left the competition cowering and knowing full well that they have been beaten.

But Google, T-Mobile and HTC have come out fighting and hoping the T-Mobile Android can take the battle direct to the iPhone. This battle will not be short, and the G1 has a heavy burden to tote, as the eyes of the mobile arena are watching closely.

The G1 is expected to be a great success according to some analysts, and sales expectations are high, but can the T-Mobile out beat the Apple iPhone? Come 22nd of October the battle commences and we shall see.

Source – product-reviews