More Motorola Android Phone details, cheaper than T-Mobile G1

We have already mentioned a few times about the all new upcoming Motorola Android platform phone and now we have more details for you.

The all new Android based mobile phone from Motorola which will be released beginning of 2009 is hot news at the moment and everybody wants to know about it, this handset will go up against the awesome T-Mobile G1 Android phone, the new Motorola handset will feature the likes of slide-out QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen and will also undercut the G1 Phone by $30.

Other that what we already know, like the phone being Android-based the MOTO phone will also have access to social networking services, well now we learn that this new handset will be pretty much similar in design to that of the Motorola Krave ZN4.

The Motorola Android handset will have a much better look to it than the HTC G1, in fact it is said that it will have a higher-end look to it. The G1 has we all know by know goes on sale tomorrow (October 22) in the U.S and on October 31 in the UK, the Motorola will be release beginning of 2009 for only $150 or around that mark.

We are still wondering what sort of technology the Motorola Android phone will use, we know that the G1 uses the GSM system and is of course compatible with networks worldwide, so it would be in Motorola’s interest to do the same. Second quarter of 2009 is when the new Motorola Android phone will be released.