Motorola Android Social Networking phone better than the G1?

For a while now Motorola has been showing of some specs and images to carriers of what they say is their touch-screen Android platform mobile handset. This Google Android based phone will apparently take design cues from the Motorola Krave which was released stateside last week.

Word is the Android phone will incorporate an Apple iPhone sized touch-screen along with a slide out QWERTY and will concentrate on social networking features, which could possible include the tel domain.

The word is those who have actually seen the Motorola Android spec sheet are saying it is a higher end version of the T-Mobile G1 but with a lower price tag. Fighting talk perhaps? Maybe, not we’ll have to wait and see as Motorola won’t have this Android out until Q2 09, so that means no getting our hands on it until Q3 09 earliest.

Source — businessweek

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