Zeemote for BlackBerry Curve, Bold & Pearl: Are you game?

BlackBerry lovers, and probably the new non-business BlackBerry lovers we have some exciting news for you if you like mobile gaming, Zeemote a company that makes wireless controllers for mobile devices have just announced that they have produced a Zeemote software development kit (SDK) for some of Research in Motions BlackBerry Smartphone range.

So if you have the BlackBerry Curve, Bold or the BlackBerry Pearl your gaming experience can be taken to a new level. The SDK from Zeemote will allow developers to create new and innovative mobile games that are compatible with the Zeemote JS1 Controller which has won awards for being top of its game as a wireless joystick that works using Bluetooth on various handsets.

The JS1 portable ‘thumb stick’ controller has already had the thumbs-up in the mobile gaming industry in Europe where it has already been released.

The Zeemote JS1 Controller allows customers to play games on their BlackBerry like never before, and encourages even more spectacular developments in the mobile smartphone industry with new opportunities for operators, developers and manufacturers. So for those of you who thought your BlackBerry or CrackBerry was just for business then think again, we wonder if the new nick-name for the BlackBerry Smartphone will be the GameBerry?

Source: marketwire