Rogers 2009 RIM BlackBerry Smartphone Lineup

Now we should all look forward to 2009 and see what Rogers has to offer, Rogers 2009 has an awesome line-up of RIM BlackBerry mobile phones.

This list is obviously definitive but it will surely get the smiles looming and make 2009 a better year than 2008, we love RIM and its BlackBerry devices, so shall we see what Rogers has to offer?

Say hello to the BlackBerry Curve 8900 in Q1, then we have the BlackBerry Storm variant in Q2, or maybe the BlackBerry 9220 Magnum which is basically the BlackBerry Curve 8900 with 3G in Q3, and last but not least the awesome BlackBerry 9900 Pluto which is basically the BlackBerry Bold with a touchscreen in Q4.

Now we bet this list has excited you just a little, now if you had the choice from the handsets mentioned above which one would you choose?

Source – BGR


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