Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9500 delayed until November 13

Now then what is this, a new update recently in shows that the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9500 has been delayed until November 13th.

The news has it that Best Buy is all ready to have the BlackBerry Storm in stock for November 16th, and walking into a store to buy one would normally come two days after that normally, dates are always changing and if Best Buy are getting for the 16th what is all this about Verizon Stores getting it on the 13th.

There are so many dates flying around and this says that the release date has been pushed back a little, well to be honest if Best Buy will have the Storm on the 16th we believe that Verizon stores will have it on the 13th but we would say around about that time, do not put a real date in your head just yet, keep an open mind for the release. When you think about and according to CrackBerry and of course we have mentioned it that the Storm would be release on November 9th which is a Sunday which tells us you can pick it up in stores on the 10th which is obviously the Monday.

Well it all seems that November 13th which is a Thursday is the real date the smartphone will be available, come on only a few days in it so nothing to worry about.

Source — BGR


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