T-Mobile G1 Google phone Users Guide Video

The all new T-Mobile G1 Google phone is available as of tomorrow and we know T-Mobile stores in the states will be packed solid.

Yes like the iPhone 3G release all O2 stores in the UK was jam-packed, October 22, Wednesday will be a busy day in the U.S and October 31st will be busy for us in the UK.

Anyway below we have a video for you to watch called the T-Mobile G1 Google phone Users Guide, pretty nice video to watch and gives you the basics of how the phone works, right I will shut up now and let you watch the video for yourself. Please do post your comments.


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  1. Lisa Melou says:

    This was JUST what I needed — and why the Internet is such an awesome “tool.” The guide provided with the G1 phone was of little help with several learning-curve issues (e.g., how to access the memory card slot…sheesh!), but I found ALL the answers on the video clips.

    I’ll be learning more on the websites listed, but this was a terrific start to my G1 experience.

    Thanks so much!

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