Contact Us: T-Mobile Store is open, tell us about your G1 Phone

It is now official that T-Mobile Store Opens Doors to G1 Phone in downtown San Francisco, and we want to know all about your new shiny HTC G1 Phone.

The HTC T-Mobile G1 phone is now being sold thanks to the doors opening in SF; we all know that the T-Mobile website is now open as well, so all seems to be running smoothly so far. The San Francisco store was the first in the States to sell the G1 Phone on Tuesday.

There were around 150 customers queuing up for this handset outside the 699 Market Street store. Anyway we want all those that were queuing up for the G1 Phone in San Francisco to contact us and let us know exactly what the phone is like.

Please use the comments area below and tell us everything you know.

Picture from Wired