First T-Mobile G1 Android Phone sold at San Francisco Store

In San Francisco yesterday someone called Christopher Laddise became the first private owner of the all new and awesome T-Mobile G1 Android Phone, he unwrapped his sexy little package to reveal the open-source Android phone, he got a massive applause at the special pre-launch event in the City by the Bay.

The T-Mobile G1 Android Phone will officially launch in T-Mobile stores across 95 cities across the United States, many of these stores will open the doors at 8am where you will be able to purchase the $179 handset.

Hundreds of customers are already queuing up for their handset outside the telecom provider’s store at Market and 3rd streets in downtown San Francisco, the second person in line Tuesday night was Brody Yazaki, he came all the way from Maui for his T-Mobile G1 Android Phone.

For more information on the BUY NOW option please visit here, you can also check out all the plans here, oh not forgetting if you are already a T-Mobile customer please click here.

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One thought on “First T-Mobile G1 Android Phone sold at San Francisco Store”

  1. ritchie blackburn says:

    Before you go crowning mr. Laddise the “first private owner” of the g1, it might have behooved you to knoqw that many of the folks, myself included, who pre-ordered the g1, received there shipments in the wee hours of monday the 21st.