Hulu: Can you play content on mobile phones?

Hulu.com (Hulu) is a very popular place to be for the world’s premium video content which was founded in March 2007 by NBC Universal and News Corp; we want to know if you can watch any of these TV shows, movies and clips on your mobile phone.

Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips which are all totally free, only for U.S residents only. They have a massive selection of videos from the likes of Sony Pictures Television, NBC Universal, Warner Bros, FOX, MGM and many more.

The main features include the ability to customize their viewing experience online, allows users to watch favorites or discover new shows anytime, search feature helps users find any premium video online even if it is not directly available on Hulu.com, does not require a download of any software, offers the freedom to share full-length episodes or clips via e-mail or embed on other Web sites, blogs and social networking pages plus so much more.

You will need Flash 9.0 for it to be playable; what we want to know is “Can you play Hulu content on your mobile phone? The reason we ask this is because we typed in www.hulu.com on an iPhone 3G browser and was asked to download the latest software which enable to play content only to get back a message saying “Safari cannot download this item.

Please let us know if it is possible to get Hulu playable content on mobile phones.


4 thoughts on “Hulu: Can you play content on mobile phones?”

  1. cryptision says:

    I to would like to watch hulu.com on my ipod touch. Hopefully someone at hulu.com would be able to get the Iphone SDK and design a version for our sweet little iPhone/Touch

  2. cobaltchill says:

    Had an APP that with the power to download torrents, install, or unzip files and the required download could still not be installed on my iPhone 3g. A Hulu app would be much appreciated!!!

  3. someguy says:

    You can view Hulu on any windows mobile phone that supports the Skyfire browser. That mobile browser supports flash content so you can visit sites like Youtube, Hulu, Fancast, South Park Studios etc. It renders the full html versions not mobile versions.

  4. Blah says:

    2 years later we know Hulu doesn't want on phones. Skyfire browsers no longer work. A message that Hulu does not support mobile phone browsers in displayed.