Google Android HTC T-Mobile G1: A users review

Andrew R Hickey, over at The Channel Wire, has got himself the Google Android T-Mobile G1 phone, he couldn’t resist, and was of the opinion it was about time to get rid of his BlackBerry Pearl. So here is a brief rundown of what he thinks of his new T-Mobile G1.

Hickey found the G1 to be a little heavy and bulky, but believes its worth this for the added QWERTY that slides smoothly. The web browser in Hickey’s words “is great” and nearly as good as the Apple iPhone’s. Viewing websites, searches and posting comments was all achieved at “lightening speeds.”

Hickey’s Gmail account worked seamlessly sending and receiving emails, while the G1 also works with other IMAP and POP3 email accounts; however it does lack integration with Microsoft Exchange mail, and he can’t seem to get Hotmail to work.

Overall, Hickey says the G1 does take some getting used to, but so far is enjoying his first experience with the T-Mobile G1.

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