Will Symbian OS and S60 really be open source?

Lee Williams is the new head of the Symbian Foundation, Williams (the guy in the picture) is from Nokia, who of course say they want Symbian OS and S60 to be open source. While the United States is making a market for developers, questions over the Symbian Foundation’s independence are beginning to surface.

Questions like is Williams too close to Nokia? Will Nokia really make Symbian OS and S60 open? Williams’s response to these was he had given up any equity or interests in Nokia and had always operated independently, and said: “I was only at Nokia for two years. I haven’t been drinking the Kool-Aid for that long.”

The main question is, to what degree will an open source system be released? Open source or not, developers simply want the tool to develop their applications and get them to the market, and this is where Symbian has a fair bit of work to do, and developer’s believe that developing for Symbian is “Challenging.”

Source — FT

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