T-Mobile G1 Phones: Who is returning the phone?

Many customers yesterday were queuing up for their brand new T-Mobile HTC G1 Android phone yesterday, some are over the moon and there are some of you who may return the G1.

So all those that got their handsets yesterday has had time to have a play around, we have had emails saying that some of you got the T-Mobile G1 played a round a little and were thinking about taking it back as you still prefer the BlackBerry. We even saw over on Android Community that one forum member preferred the BB Curve 8320.

We here at Phones Review would love to know if the T-Mobile G1 Phones are living up to expectations, is the software good or bad, is the hardware good or bad, basically let us know everything.

Lets us know, Who is returning the phone?


2 thoughts on “T-Mobile G1 Phones: Who is returning the phone?”

  1. andyclap says:

    Me. It doesn’t do what I want it to do. I came from windows mobile, and while android is more stable and responsive, it’s plainly not finished.

  2. andyclap says:

    curses and damnation – because I upgraded in-store I’ve been told I can’t exchange the phone now.
    Thankfully they’re going for a fair bit on ebay at the minute and I should get my money back (especially if I unlock it first). But I really don’t need this hassle.