Video: Apple iPhone 3G YESSIM hardware unlocker

We are all aware that the Apple iPhone 3G cannot be unlocked simply using by software methods, well that is until the iPhone Dev Team come up with a solution, and they are getting closer apparently. So the only option for unlocking your Apple iPhone 3G is to use a hardware unlocker.

One such solution is YESSIM, which attaches to the iPhone’s original SIM card and works by tricking the iPhone 3G into thinking it is still using its original SIM provided by the carrier.

Installing YESSIM is quite simple, and it actually works. But if you have a go and if installation a problem we have a video showing you just how to do it. A single YESSIM card costs $39.00 and ten YESSIM cards cost $89.00 and there are even more savings on the amount you purchase.

Video below.