Do mobile phones change people? Your views

The mobile phone; it has impacted on virtually every person’s life on the planet. It is difficult to even think just how the human race managed to get on with life before these glorious communications devices first came along.

But believe it or not, we did.

The mobile phone has now become a huge part of our everyday lives. These devices have evolved over the years so that now we have the likes of the Apple iPhone 3G, the T-Mobile G1, the BlackBerry Storm, the Samsung Omnia, and HTC Touch Diamond, all high tech devices that make our communicating a better experience, but what effect do these high-tech mobiles have on us as people?

So the questions I have for our readership today is…do you think mobile phones can change people? Do you know anyone who has changed because of their mobile phone, their outlook, their attitude? What is your opinion on this, I’d be interested to see your views.