Samsung Glyde sales pulled by Verizon for unknown issues

Verizon has informed their staff that the Samsung Glyde should be pulled from shelves immediately due to issues. Now just what issues these might be we have no idea, could be tech issues, intimacy issues, even magazine issues.

Whatever the issues is seem to be pretty bad because Verizon will not even let an owner have their Samsung Glyde back if they send one in for service, and offer an enV2 in its place.

It is not known just what is going on with Verizon and the Samsung Glyde but it looks to be fairly big. The information was gained from a Verizon customer service call centre, and it’s not too clear if 3rd-party or corporate stores will be told to pull their stock as well.

Source — engadget


One thought on “Samsung Glyde sales pulled by Verizon for unknown issues”

  1. Courtney says:

    This broadcast is not true and, if it is, Verizon is not following it. I have had my Glyde replaced at least 4 times, the last one being only about a month ago. They wouldn’t switch me out for a different model and wouldn’t help in in any way, so I had to buy a different phone out of pocket. The Glyde is horrible. After about 2 weeks of use, the keyboard would stop working and be unresponsive. The phone would call random contacts while immobile on a dresser and would scroll through things at random. It would call the same person continually 4,5,6, times in a row. Every now and then, the screen would go blank and be unresponsive. Any button pushed would result in a different button being pressed. And those are just a few of the many problems I experienced with the phone. It is a horrible phone and I can’t believe they are still selling it. I just saw it at a Verizon store the other day. It’s appalling.

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