T-Mobile store staff seem to be confused about G1

It would appear that certain T-Mobile staff aren’t all that up on the Google Android T-Mobile G1, for some reason they seemed to be somewhat confused about the G1 when a customer came into the store asking for one.

Apparently Neil Gaiman wanted a T-Mobile G1 mobile phone and decided he wanted the hands-on approach before buying the new Google Android handset rather than buying it the impersonal way via the internet.

Gaiman, asked if he could play with a G1 to which the reply was they didn’t have one. He then asked when they would have one, to which they replied they won’t be getting any in. This came as a bit of a surprise as there where large posters all over the shop advertising the G1.

On mentioning this, Gaiman was told…“No. We won’t sell it. We’re out of the range and the Google and things that the phone comes with, they won’t work on it.”

To find out whether Gaiman actually got hold of a T-mobile G1 or if the T-Mobile staff finally realised T-Mobile sold the G1 go here.


2 thoughts on “T-Mobile store staff seem to be confused about G1”

  1. Honest Truth says:

    I agree, this is a waste of an article! I’m reading this article from my G1, may I add with the keyboard closed in landscape view. I’m also typing this on my G1, as I then opened it up to my sweet keyboards (LoL). For the record, anyone that doesn’t know how to put you web browser in LANDSCAPE VIEW with the keyboard closed, just simply open up your web browser, tap menu, tap more, stroll down till you see “flip orientation” and tap that, then “Walah!”. Also a virtual key board coming soon… now that’s interesting! Also, Tmobile G1 has sold over 600,000+ devices, that’s news! This article is not important. Tmobile G1 thee GoD Phone.