Helping all Sidekick Users: Themes is what you need

Now I just know all you T-Mobile Sidekick owners out there are trying to find a way to trade your current Sidekick for some juicy G1 goodness, and there are many reasons why you should keep your Sidekick, but that G1 still keeps calling you.

But don’t worry Sidekickers, all is not lost for CubanitaStylezz, a theme designer has laboured over time to craft a few new themes for your T-mobile Sidekick LX, Sidekick Slide and so on, and these new themes will make the proud Sidekick owner feel like they possess a true blue T-Mobile Android toting G1.

Well, almost, not that the Sidekick will actually have android on it, but it will look like it does so you can go round feeling happy that you don’t own a G1.

Source — hiptop3

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