Would you buy N70 Mini Video Projector iPhone clone?

Ok, maybe its time to drag out that old mobile handset from your pocket and dispose of it gracefully via smashing it against the wall, and then you can say you have a valid excuse to go purchase the N70 mobile phone.

The N70 is from Lanye, or something like that in China, anyway the N70 is a candy-bar style mobile phone that packs a 2.4 inch display, a touch of dual-band GSM goodness, Bluetooth 2.0, and…now this is the best bit…a built-in projector.

Furthermore, the N70 incorporates an interface which is almost an identical clone of the Apple iPhone along with the added bonus of MMS and voice recording. The N70 looks great, and is available for import at a nice comfortable price of $345.00.

Source — dealextreme