T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Update not releasing: Security Issues

Continuing on from my previous post on the T-Mobile G1 RC28 update which can be found (here), it now looks like the distribution of the new RC28 update for the Google Android T-Mobile G1 was intentionally stopped.

The reason for halting the RC28 update is because Google confirmed a security issue with the browser which allows hackers to attack and install a keystroke recorder within the browser…see (here)

This is why users have been seeing the RC29 update which includes a patch to fix the security issue. For those users that did receive the RC28 update, they will be prompted to upgrade to RC29, and hopefully this will solve this particular security issue.

Source — T-Mobile


One thought on “T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Update not releasing: Security Issues”

  1. eLv says:

    at least U.S. got an update, the UK are still waiting! on googles forum on of there own staff said we should expect an update soon and warned users just to use known safe sites. I think we (the UK) are getting a bad deal from google and t-mobile.

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