Apple iPhone 3G winner with Softbank

Softbank president Masayoshi Son loves the Apple iPhone 3G, well of course he does as it’s part thanks to the gorgeous touchscreen smartphone that Softbank’s operating profits reached record highs. Obviously Softbank’s profits were not just to do with the iPhone but it was a major player in them getting there.

Softbank reported operating profit of $1.85 billion although the net profit did fall by 11.5 percent to $442.2 million. But with Masayoshi saying that he has an iPhone and he uses it everyday and finds it extremely useful and the more he uses it the more he uses it the better he understands the iPhone’s strong points.

Softbank’s have said that the Apple iPhone has drawn in many more mobile subscribers and they did also say that it was due to the iPhone that the retention of mobile phone customers has improved. However voicecall income has declines, earnings from data services have continued to climb.

Source: engadget