Can Motorola beat the likes of Apple and Research In Motion?

Motorola has tried hard to turn round its avalanche of relentless decline in its market share, but with an anaemic mobile phone portfolio and along with senior leadership changes Motorola still hasn’t been able to keep up with the likes of Research In Motion and Apple

Motorola is to launch their flagship ZN5 5 megapixel camera phone with WiFi in North American in November in time for the holiday season, but just selling a mobile phone to people who are becoming increasingly savvy is a challenge, and these days Motorola is focusing on custom via the web, and that means winning over bloggers and reviewers.

Other changes are to come for Motorola, the biggest probably being Android, and they are building a new Android Team in Sunnyvale California being led by executives from Good Technology. Analysts are saying this is a good move for Motorola as Google’s clout will draw talented developer to its platform.

But even with Android will Motorola finally be able to turn it all around and become a threat to the likes of Apple and Research In Motion?

Source — Chicago tribune