Motorola loses $397 million in Q3 will shed 3000 staff

Yep, seems like poor old Motorola is still slipping down that steep decline, as they announce their 3rd quarter earnings, and it’s not too pretty a sight. Motorola has lost a massive $397 million in the quarter.

Motorola have announced they intend to develop a full range of Android based mobile handsets next year, but none will come quick enough as the first is expected in the second half of 09 and taking in the usually delays we probably won’t see a Motorola android until 2010.

Then there’s the way Motorola is going to save cash $800 million in 09 to be precise which no doubt, and they intend doing that by shedding employees by the shed load, 3000 from the company, of which 2000 will be from its mobile phone division.

Source — Motorola

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