New Android mobile phone from OpenMoko coming soon

It looks like Google Android is taking off, as the company most famous for its open Neo FreeRunner, OpenMoKo is reportedly almost ready to push out their own Android based mobile phone.

There were whispers of this happening with OpenMoko some time back in April, and by what is being touted about now its coming along quite nicely apparently. Word is a firm known as Koolu is looking to

OpenMoko for the design and we could be seeing an android device emerging as early as next month.
Word is the specs on this new android model will be 400MHz / 500MHz Samsung 2442B CPU, 802.11b/g WiFi, accelerometer, 2.84-inch 640 x 480 resolution touch-screen, Bluetooth, 2.5mm headphone jack and microSD.

Source — androidguys

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