PAYG data plans dumped by Verizon as of 14th November

We’ve seen quite a few leaked documents of late and we have another for you now, this time ii is a document leaked from Verizon Wireless which announces the death of PAYG data plans on Verizon mobile phones.

As of the 14th of November, all new Verizon smartphones will require the buyer to purchase a minimum data plan of $29.99 per month, which means the regular PAYG data plans are now in the bin for new Verizon users.

However, it is presumed current PSYG customers will hang on to their PAYG data plans until such times as they change their smartphone. Personally I think it’s kind of short-sighted of Verizon because if I were a PAYG customer, once my data plan ran out I’d switch over to a different carrier that has PAYG options, wouldn’t you?

Source — howard forums

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