RIM BlackBerry: Leap to Open Source?

Could Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry OS follow in the same steps as Google’s Android open-source and Symbian as it becomes an open-source operating system?

Although it might seem unlikely being that BlackBerry OS is proprietary for it to jump to Open-Source, but with Nokia and Symbian OS also being licensed proprietary operating systems and recently switching over it may not be ruled out. According to EE Times Senior software developer at RIM Cassidy Gentle said “We do have an open source management team that is investigating this. I would expect some of our Eclipse or Mobile Tools for Java could be made available on an open source basis, but as for our APIs or other software… that’s a pretty big leap.”

Open-Source allows developers to use the codes that are used to make applications without charging them any fee. One of the best known Open-Source operating systems for desktops is Linux and several others have emerged with many more coming in a few months.

Source: Brighthand

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