Why BlackBerry Storm will beat iPhone 3G and G1 Phone?

We here at Phones Review would like to give you our reason why the RIM BlackBerry Storm will beat the likes of the Apple iPhone 3G and T-Mobile HTC Google Android G1 phone.

The BlackBerry Storm which is set for release on November 7th which we have been told is going to be a phone of all smartphones and could possibly beat the Apple iPhone and T-Mobile G1 Android phone hands down, below are some of the reasons why this may be possible. Personally I use the Apple iPhone 3G but will also get the Storm just to test it.

The BlackBerry Storm has been all the talk lately and with its release getting nearer we can see why the masses are getting excited, can this BlackBerry smartphone really put a dent in the market?

Well the BlackBerry Storm is coming on two major networks which are Verizon and Vodafone and it is going to be on Telus and Bell also, apparently these carriers have proven 3G networks, npw with Verizon having a whopping 70 million customers we can see them alone giving the BlackBerry Storm a very strong presence indeed. The good thing is that the Storm will have appropriate European/Asian-supported GSM bands with Verizon, Telus and Bell.

The BlackBerry App Store is said to be coming and we already know how good the Apple App store is and Google apps store is getting better, well RIM did hold a BlackBerry Developer Conference which had around 700 attendees, the BlackBerry App Store will be opening its doors March 2009 which is good news which means it will give you time to play around with the Storm smartphone and of course will give RIM the time to product quality and quantity. At the moment Google are struggling a little on the application front with around 100 apps, there are more apps via other web-based stores though. The BlackBerry App Store however will be much better in the way of purchasing applications straight from the device like that of the iPhone. Oh and there is a $150 million BlackBerry Partners Fund to back it up.

Now to the BlackBerry Storm touchscreen, the touchscreen uses springs which is the worlds first and of course has Haptic feedback technology, this means that you have to push down firmly to activate, and of course this means no accidental pressing of the icons on the screen. The BlackBerry Storm has 3 keyboard options which include SureType, QWERTY in landscape mode and Traditional 12-key in Portrait mode.

What we like is the background processing which is very much different to that of the BlackBerry Bold; well as far as we can tell anyway. I use the iPhone and must say the BlackBerry Storm is a little different in this area, for example the Storm uses true background processing of data-based applications such as running IM applications like iSkoot and Skype in the background, this is fantastic because even though the IM application is running in the background the smartphone will prompt you when a message comes in, unlike the Apple iPhone’s Google Chat which does not run in the background.

The only major downside to the BlackBerry Storm as to be the lack of Wi-Fi, but we are guessing this is because Verizon does not support UMA/GAN, personally this is pretty bad news really and RIM should have added this feature.

What do you think: Do you think the BlackBerry Storm will beat the Apple iPhone 3G and Google G1 phone in sales?


14 thoughts on “Why BlackBerry Storm will beat iPhone 3G and G1 Phone?”

  1. swsw1 says:

    who was the idiot that revied this, some schooolll kid? every line begins with the blackberry storm has been talked about, has been this has been that. tell us about IT. does it have windows mobile, can it read PDF files zip file etc etc…..dont tell us what people have been saying!!!

  2. BiBi says:

    Good review. Would it be optional to switch off the ‘clickthrough’ screen? I have been following the Storm since it was announced and pre ordered it on Saturday. With every review focusing on the actual touch screen – lack of wifi etc. Would it be good to ask a small yet basic question please? Will the Storm have any previous Blackberry ringtones preinstalled and will it support 3D applications? Thanks

  3. BiBi says:

    @ swsw1

    Well it’s promising a hell of a lot, so we shall see. I am yet to see a smartphone that can handle Flash in a browser without any lag or support it at all for that fact!

  4. Mark says:

    Yes it is responsive, What we mean is like the iPhone if you brush your finger over an icon lightly it will activate, well with the BlackBerry it needs to be pressed, any light touch will not activate which is a good thing as it stops accidental activation when not wanted. It is good.

  5. BiBi says:

    @ Mark

    I agree, like previous touch screens how many times have we all experienced an accidental activation and either dialled someone by accident or lost battery over leaving music player on!

  6. chawk3 says:

    Okay hands down the G1 and iPhone are better than the blackberry storm. The storm is not close to the G1 and iPhone. The G1 is the best phone out there right now, it beats the iPhone. The G1 has the android market which makes it amazing, and google made it thats a plus. Really if you look at it they are about the same; i’ve looked at the specs, the difference between the G1, iphone, and storm is pretty much the 3.5mm headphone jack, and microsoft exchange which G1 doesn’t have. I have the G1 and its the best i have used the iphone and G1 is better. But about the microsoft exchange that will come, and for the 3.5mm headphone jack you can get a converter and use it, so that doesn’t really matter and its not a price issue for that. Now the storm its better than the iphone but not the G1, the iphone now is nothing compared to the other two. But hands down the G1 is the best phone out there. And for later models like the G2, or G3, they will be game changers, they will just be amazing!! G1 all the way!!!

  7. Bitter Beard says:

    This article is awesome, going to beat the iPhone!, well it doesn’t have WiFi but it is p awesome and better then the iPhone because the touch screen has springs!


    Write a review that will inform us of the facts, like the phone is great for these reasons but isn’t so great because it can’t fly. Then we as readers make our assumptions on the device being better or worse then the iPhone or other phones we like to lord over others on the Internet.

    AT&T’s coverage is horrible, the iPhone was the best phone I’ve ever used because you could browse the net without causing eye damage, have instant txt’ing history and upload movies to it in a snap and be on your way to the tire shop with plenty of entertainment. Not all rose colored glasses here as my iPhone crashed a lot and my wifes phone always smelled like bad bananas; you figure that one out… But I had to go back to Verizon because their coverage is better, I tell my Env2 daily though it is a horrible phone and I’ll most likely dump into a lake tied to cement blocks once I can get an un-jail-broken iPhone on the Verizon network.

  8. Del says:

    g1111 appps r sooooo much better haha android is gonna beat out vzw apps all day chek any other site and they tell u the same hahaha g1 is the best phone out at the moment

  9. ammy says:

    sry but the blackberry storm is way better than the g1. The g1 has no battery power and barely no signal which is not good and of course the blackberry storm is good it includes everything that you need. mad ppl dnt like the g1 since they bought it

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