Sony Ericsson C905 Unboxing Video Review

If you want the latest camera phone from Sony Ericsson then the C905 could have everything you want, the Sony Ericsson C905 has a 8.1 megapixel in-built camera that has specialist features such as red-eye reduction, BestPic, Image stabilization, Smart Contrast, Xeon Flash as well as photoflash for both video and photos. Not only that with the large camera resolution you are to print your favourite photos up to A3 size.

As an addition you can use the geo-tag with the built-in GPS to tag your photo’s on the Song Ericsson C905, with the built-in accelerometer you will also be about to automatically turn your photo’s to landscape mode when you tilt the phone. When viewing your photos or video you can do so through the 2.4 inch QVGA-resolution scratch-resistant mineral glass TFT display.

If all the above isn’t enough well the C905 is the first phone by Sony Ericsson to boast built-in WiFi with DLNA support. Scroll down the page to watch the video review on the new Sony Ericsson C905.


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  1. Review?!?! The only information it gives is that it has a higher pixel camera than its predecessor. Whoever wrote that either wasn’t paying attention, or is a complete f***ing idiot!

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