Nextel BlackBerry Curve 8350i release date and price

Its news that BlackBerry Curve 8350i hopefuls have been waiting for, and that news is, the Research In Motion iDEN BlackBerry Curve 8350i is to be released at a low, low price of just $150.00 with a two year agreement after a $100.00 mail in rebate.

The other great news is that the iDEN BlackBerry Curve 8350i will be hitting stores in time for Christmas with a release date of December the 1st.

The RIM iDEN BlackBerry Curve 8350i smartphone is to be the first BlackBerry from Sprint that will offer the user Group Connect which allows customers to rapidly set up a group conversation with up to twenty other people.

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  1. Bob says:

    We got word from our Rep last week that the release date had been pushed back to 12/15. Guess we will know for sure when it’s put on the Sprint web site. Just wish they would hurry up and get it out………

  2. Paul says:

    Just talked to Sprint and they say it will be the end of Dec. now. I don’t think i will wait that long, I think they are stringing us along so we don’t leave.

  3. firemike says:

    I called Sprints help line and after about 8 transfers (I asked a technical question about my current phone) I talked to a guy name Rick. Rick told me he has been working for Sprint for about a year and knew a little bit about the 8350i phone. First off he said he got to hold the 8350i for about 5 seconds during a big corporate meeting. He said the meeting was quit transparent. It was organized to boost morale for the Nextel guys in the office and shop. In the meeting they (Sprint executives) claimed that Sprint would be rolling out a working model of the 8350i before the end of August. Since that meeting only his boss’s boss got a 8350i. Rick said he keeps it in a locked draw in his office and it has become kind of a office joke. Since Sprint can’t get any more 8350i the technical support guys have been training on a computer simulated model. The other day Rick got an inter office memo demanding that there will be no more jokes about the 8350i release date. The joke the memo said were “in poor taste”. Well there you go fokes, Sprint has lied to us again. Maybe there will be phones available by 12/15/08 but probably not. For all those who doubt me – I remember months before the instinct came out Sprint had posters, fliers, and plastic mock up models – DO YOU REMEMBER? I haven’t seen any fliers or mock ups of the 8350i, I wonder why? Nextel is like the chairs on the Titanic, there slowly going under.

  4. kristen says:

    i just got back from a sprint dealer near my house and they said it is being released on the 15th and will not be sold in the stores and that you would only be able to order it thru sprint. im sure there will be plenty of sites that will sell it tho. the lady took my number and said the day its released she will call me and ask me if i would want to order it.

  5. firemike says:

    I’m not a betting man but if you bet on Nextel having their act together on 12/15/08 your going to lose. I wonder what their new release date will be after 12/15/08. If Nextel doesn’t release the phone on the 15th I’m changing networks!

  6. NevadaScorpion says:

    Enough is enough! Sprint needs to post the official release date for the 8350…Today! We are all adults here, if they need to push the official date back so be it. Things dont go always the way we plan them and we understand that. But dont leave your loyal customers hanging or they will drop like flies and go with another carrier. I am dissappointed with the way Sprint is handling the release of this phone. My business depends on the PTT and I will wait for the darn thing. Sprint should just be honest and post the release dates for thier phones on thier website. This would clear up all the rumors. If the release date for a certian phone was delayed they could post an update via website. This would make all thier customers happy and the customer service department because they would stop getting so many calls and could refer customers to the website. This my friends make to much sense, so lets hope the rumor of 12/15/08 is right! I love America… If this is the biggest concern we have then we are all truly blessed.

  7. firemike says:

    I agree with NevadaScorpion. I’m just glad I sold all my Sprint stock last month. Honestly I didn’t have a bunch of stock in Sprint but if I did (have a lot of stock) I would want to know why they run their company so poorly. They should post something just to keep investors happy. I also depend on PTT but I have been looking, watching, wishing, and praying for and alternative way to conduct business. Can anyone out there suggest a better carrier? Thanks, Mike

  8. firemike says:

    trackball thing is a lie! and a poor one at that. Are you telling me that Nextel has had this phone (supposedly since March) and the guys who had it didn’t know there was a trackball problem? But let just say it was the trackball makers problem. Who buys order after order of trackballs only to find out that now they have a problem weeks before a release? Who’s running Nextel? a monkey could do better! I bought one of these phones from ebay but it came from Canada. Why do the Canadians get to have them first?

  9. NevadaScorpion says:

    It’s 12/08/08 and no new word. Has anybody heard anything new? I talked to CSR and they said no release date is available. Still waiting…

  10. et says:

    I got this from chat session on sprint.com no release date maybe 09 12/15 aint gonna happen I am going to Verizon

    9:50:42 AM ET is the new blackberry 8350i still set to release on 12/15?
    9:51:06 AM Dustin It is not. A release date has not been issued at this time.
    9:51:42 AM ET ok thanks
    9:51:50 AM Dustin Thank you for using Sprint Web Chat. Sprint Web Chat is available Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 11 PM EST and Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM – 7 PM EST. Have a great day.
    9:51:50 AM System The session has ended!

  11. firemike says:

    I just drove around town and I talked to over a half a dozen sprint/nextel managers. First off not even one of them have even seen then phone except on the internet. Second, every one of them said that the phone will not be out on the 15th. In fact 2 said mid next year sometime. Third none of the manager have seen any promotional data on the phone. Looks like Nextel is once again pissing on us and telling us it is raining. Oh and for the people who said “chill out, it will be out on the 15th” I believe your owe every one on this site an apology!

  12. George says:

    Jesus people its a freaking phone. Hobbies are in order for some of you. A release pushed back, OMG say it aint so! Then if they released it you’d be screaming about the thing having issues. GET OVER IT

  13. Paul says:

    Just talked to the guy at the Sprint store where i buy all my phones and he was told by Nextel it will be released on the 14th and the stores will have them on the 15th. So we will see but don’t hold your breath.

  14. Carlos says:

    F&&K Nextel// I’ve been a loyal customer for 10 years//this so call new blackberry isn’t so new and whenever this phone comes out it will be even older!!!! sign an unhappy loyal customer

  15. Bob says:

    It’s a phone people, it will be released when it’s released. If you want one, wait for it, if not go to AT&T or someplace else. If you need to cry about it go to your mother or your wife, I for one am tired of hearing it. If all you have is gossip save it for the trash can, if you have some facts, post them here so the rest of us can stay informed.
    Get a life!

  16. Paul says:

    HEY BOB…. Didn’t you just say if you have some facts post them here? Well… what facts did you give us??? None, so don’t post here. Like you said. Go bitch to your mommy if you don’t like hearing people bitch about a phone. Get a life!

  17. NevadaScorpion says:

    Fact 1: Bob is a person of no interest.
    Fact 2: Bob’s a mama’s boy
    Fact 3: Bob writes like a girl.
    Fact 4: Bob needs some testosterone
    Fact 5: Bob was raised by his mom.

    I hope that was a enough facts for you Bobby!

  18. Johanna says:

    I think everyone should calm down until Dec 15th.
    I am as ancious as anyone but since the release date is Dec 15th, we can’t panic until then. And you should stop attacking each other until Dec 16th.

  19. firemike says:

    OMG I fell out of my chair laughing after reading what NevadaScorpion wrote about Bob! Sorry Bob but if you write on this site there is a good chance your going to get a response. Let me clear it up for everyone reading our post and sending nasty comments on our longing to get a new phone. I bought my first Nextel back in the early to mid 90’s. I was one of the first people to have this new job site time saver. Since then I have scaped and scrounged to pay my Nextel bills. I have several clients, that have Nextel phones, that love that they can push a button and talk to me instantly. I need to have a push to talk phone to stay in business. Oh and I did go and try to cancel my now 8 nextel phones for my business. Guess what Nextel told me. They said I have to pay over $200 for each phone. Something about a two year contract that I never authorized or signed. Can you take a phone carrier to small claims court for renewing your contract without your consent?

  20. firemike says:

    I just received an email from Sprint/Nextel. It was a boiler plate cease and desist letter telling me to halt on posting any more “unpopular comments” about their services and equipment. This letter informed me that the new Blackberry 8350i would be delivered as promised on the 15th of December. I feel a little better now knowing that Nextel has been reading my comments.

  21. NevadaScorpion says:

    When the powers that be bring down the thunder of the all mighty “Cease and desist Letter” because they dont agree with you, we all should be shaking in our boots. I’m so scared let me know when the phone comes out because I’ll be under my bed sucking my thumb wishing a big strong man comes to save me. Dont let the man bring you down! keep posting man. As long as you post your own personal experince with Sprint, you should be fine. You have to choose youre words carfully but they cant stop freedom of speech. FIRMIKE can you post the letter here so we all can read it for ourselfs. Thanks bud.

  22. George says:

    The Local nextel store said the phones will be available to be ordered and direct shipped on 15 Dec 08 they however wont be stocking them in store until january sometime.

    also, as far as freedom of speech, you don’t have a freedom of speech when it comes to issues such as this forum, be forewarned, truth and experiences are one thing but some of the comments are flat out inflamatory and if a letter was recieved from Sprint, they are paying attention. And im sure there lawyers would have a field day with some of the scholars here.
    Bottom line is you have Zero protection under the constitution against a company or another person.

  23. RYan says:

    Okay so on the 9th of december i was on the phone with sprint for a half hour and the lady kept b.s’ing so I just asked her for her personal opinion and she told me that she thinks it will come out in january. So today I called again and I was told it will be out via sprint.com on the 15th of december. I asked her another 4 times and she insisted. I hope it comes out on the 15th, and meets my expectations. The 1st lady told me patience was a virtue and i told her that the risk over weighs the consiquences in this situation… she agreed, it seems this is the bottom of the 9th 2 outs full count and an all or nothing shot.

  24. NevadaScorpion says:

    I’ll come and save you George! You’ll be under your mommy’s bed, right. Anyways, George is partially right. The Constitution of the United States guarantees freedom of speech but unfortunately it does’nt guarantee you the right to be heard. P.S. I like Sprint/Nextel and George 😉 I cant wait for the NEW 8350i BB curve when/IF it comes out 12/15/08.

    All rumors. No official announcement from Sprint. I am anxious and optimistic though about the rumor 12/15/08.

  25. NevadaScorpion says:

    I’m shaking in my boots Bobby! Come and get me boys! I pray for peace and prepare for war girls. Now release the 8350 Curve … Please. Pretty please!

  26. Anonymous1 says:

    I work for a fortune 500 company and our corporate IT buyer just posted the new 8350i and has told me I will have mine no later than next Wednesday. Not sure when they will release to the public but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  27. Bob says:

    Just got this from our Sales Rep:

    The Blackberry 8350i has shown up today in the ordering system so I can now place your order. They will show as backordered until the expected release date of 12-15-2008.

  28. George says:

    I hear ya nevada but to correct a point, the Constitution only applies to rights of citizens against government not private citizens, businesses etc.
    The sad part is, people get sued or penalized everyday for what they think is a “right or freedom” and pay dearly for it due to defamation,slander and libel lawsuits.

    As far as the 12/15 that was from the local store, who i’ve never in the past had issues with reliabilty from.
    Just bear in mind, as was said in the first post, these phones will not be in stores until probably January. The stores are showing the 8830 as the comparable model minus the direct connect.

  29. NevadaScorpion says:

    George good point. Just killing time until phone comes out:) Does anybody know if we have to order through a store rep or will we be able to order the phone directly from Sprints website?

  30. SprintGodStore361 says:

    Let me help all you lame, stupid, crying, ignorant customers out – The phone may be available Monday or maybee not. I am a Sprint/Nextel store manager and I can tell you from experience that we (Sprint) don’t need any of you for customers. Our aggressive contracts mean that if any of you leave us for another carrier you will NOT get to keep your number! Also we WILL get paid for you breaking your contract or we will put a strike against your credit and sell the debt to a third party collection agency. Why should Sprint invest anymore money in Nextel? Either you wont push to talk or you don’t. If any cry babies have a problem with this post your email address and I will try to help you understand!

  31. NevadaScorpion says:

    This is the latest update directly from Sprint CSR. I Copied and Paste the following:

    6:49:00 PM
    Calvin G Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Calvin. How may I assist you today?
    6:49:27 PM
    Peter When is the 83050 Curve BB available?
    6:49:43 PM
    Peter Can I preoder it now?
    6:50:20 PM
    Calvin G Are you asking about the BB 8350i for Nextel?
    6:50:32 PM
    Peter yes
    6:51:30 PM
    Calvin G My most recent resources state the launch date is 12/15/2008; however, you can not preorder at this time.
    6:52:12 PM
    Peter Will I be able to order the phone online on 12/15/08?
    6:53:00 PM
    Calvin G If the phone does launch on that date, then yes, you can order online at that time. The launch date has been pushed back already, so it’s hard to say if it will still come out on 12/15/2008.
    6:53:32 PM
    Peter Okay, Thank you. Bye.

  32. mimi!!! says:

    sooo.. im so excited for this phone to get out but its taking forever to come out!!!! so i talk to a rep on sprint.com and they told me that it was schedualed to release on dec. 15th. so hopefully this person is right because ive been about 7 different dates since october.

  33. EnVuS says:

    finally it looks like this phone is coming out! ill pre-order mines in the morning.. it looks alot hotter then the other blackberry phones but it have the cheapest signal for internet.. honestly this phone design has been out for like almost four yrs now they should of given us the new curve 8900.. with both iden + cdma/evdo = the best phone on the market.. i doubt that phone comes out anytime soon.. i guess ill stick with this for now til sumthing more up to date comes our way!

  34. The Great Oz says:

    Well we all know SprintGodStore361 is not a manager, but a loser sitting home in his moms basement playing with his computer he bought back in 1990 trying to stir the pot. He is no one and no one should even think twice about his comments. It is the law to be able to take your number as i found out first hand and as a manager of any phone service, you don’t see a dime of a cancelled service. Dumb Ass!

  35. southflaguyy says:

    I talked to sprint customer service today and was told the release would be on Jan 11th. And just like “firemike” stated, in may of 2007 I changed my plan for the first time in 8 years and they tied me to a 2 year contract without my knowledge. They said they stopped that practice in Nov. of the same year but still would not let me out of my contract. I even brought to their attention that I buy my phones at full price so as not to get tied to a contract and I would have never agreed to a 2 year contract to change my plan and they basicly said to bad…$200 if you want out.

  36. NevadaScorpion says:

    SprintGodStore361 is a low level manager at the hieght of his career. Dont get upset at us for wanting the 8350 Curve BB as a Luxury item for our important lives. When I come into your store make sure to call me Sir and order my damn phone as quickly as possible. SprintGodStore361 try not to srew up your simple minded job. The less time I have to be in your little world the better off we all are. Merry Christmas.

  37. NevadaScorpion says:

    Jimmy, Forget about Sprint’s CSR. I got on Sprint’s Live chat again to see if all the CSR are on the same page. One said she had no information and the next said 1/11/08. Unreliable at best.

  38. NevadaScorpion says:

    Hi mimi!!!, A store put out an ad in the Sunday newspaper announcing that the 8350 would be in stores Dec. 1st. While Dec. 1st came and went and I’m sure that store had alot of dissapointed customers that day. Some guy scanned and posted that ad on the web. Sorry, but I would not count on ads from local vendors.

  39. Troy Dot Com says:

    Yes!!! Sprint emailed me the tracking number for my new nextel blackberry!! It is 1.5 hours from my house as we speak. What is wierd is that the new phone still doesn’t show up on Sprint’s site to order…but the stores can.

  40. Paul says:

    Same here, Sprint doesn,t have it there system but the store near me will pre-order as soon as there shipment comes in today on the 13th. Also the Sprint Rep is giving me a call back as soon as they are in but for those of you waiting to see it in the store showcase, they are saying sometime after Christmas.

  41. mimi!!! says:

    hey NevadaScorpion. the brochure i got was from sprint and it came in the mail. and it says that it was shipped from lodon which means its not from a local vendor. it wasn’t in the newspaper or anything.
    i was disapointed when it didn’t come out that day to.

  42. mimi!!! says:

    also the brochure has 3 blackberry 8350i pictures and is about special upgrading savings on phones and plans. and if the sale ends on january 10. the phone cant come out on the 11th then ppl can’t buy the phone with the special upgrade savings.
    stop being so negative

  43. Trey says:

    I don’t see why the just can’t release it. Being a business I unfortunately have to have nextel. No other company offers a direct connect service. They shouldn’t have given a release date if they couldn’t follow through. Everywhere you look someone at Sprint has a different answer. If another phone company could do a direct connect, I would leave Nextel in a heartbeat.

  44. Bill says:

    So did this phone come out or what? I signed up for the notification to email me when it becomes available and I have not received anythng to this point. If I can order it, someone please tell me where I can get it from.

    Is this a Sprint service phne that will have the direct connect or will it be working off of nextel service?


  45. NevadaScorpion says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Sprint released the 8350 Curve 12/15/08 at midnight (9:00 pm Las vegas Time). I just upgraded my old PTT phone and ordered my wife a new 8350 Curve BB for my company through Sprint’s WEBSITE!!! Its a good Day people. Now lets pray Sprint worked out all the bugs. Peace be with you friends.

  46. firemike says:

    WARNING!!! I am on the line with Nextel’s Telenet sales rep right now. I tried to order 8 phone “upgrades” but the rep was telling me that he is not sure if I can mail in the $100 rebate more than one time. I’m NOT saying you can’t but he said he wasn’t “sure” if you could. If you are ordering more than one phone you might want your salesman to clarify if your going to get the full savings. Another thing you need to be aware of is if you want the $230 rebate you have to renew your contract for 2 years. Lastly the phone is NOT $150 after mail in rebate. Once the telenet sales person sends you your final bill there will be a bunch of extra cost included. Such as taxes, shipping, and set up fee. The telenet person is also going to try and sell you accessories and a mobile charger. My final bill for each phone after instant rebate was over $300. All this BS is typical for any cell phone provider but I thought I would go ahead and post it just so people know before they think that they can actually own this phone for $150. I’m just glad Nextel finally released their 3850i phones!

  47. Johanna says:

    I tried ordering the phone twice today and was told it was not in the system yet and they’d call me back when it was in their system. Did anyone actually order it yet?

  48. I was able to place an order for 1 but then when trying to order the 2nd it kicked it back stating it was not available. I guess its an issue over all. Had to fill out a preorder form which then they wil call me back when it is available.

    First one was already billed to my CC.. so.. i have no clue on this cluster fuck!.. I atleast got the one I will be receiving for myself.. guess the owner’s son of my company will have to wait :).

  49. Brian says:

    I just ordered mine on the phone w/ a local sprint store. Should be here in a week what’s the order is placed is what the rep told me. $479 if you haven’t had your current phone for 22 months, which i haven’t, shucks. But if so, $149.

  50. NevadaScorpion says:

    Sprint released the 8350 Curve BB 12/15/08 at midnight or 12/14/08 at 9:00 pm Las Vegas time. I went online. Logged onto my account. Upgraded my phone and purchased a new 8350 for my wife. Sprint website gave me a breakdown of the cost and then I had them charge it to my account. A few seconds later a recieved an e-mail for confirmation of purchase. It went pretty smooth. I was’nt rushed or pushed to buy accessories by a Sprint CSR. I recommend the online purchase from Sprint’s website. Overnight shipping is free. When I get mine I will give a review.

  51. Paul says:

    UPDATE: Rep says the order status online will read backordered but they are not. When the warehouse gets the order and is shipped, the online status will give the tracking number. They should arrive within 2 days of shipping date.

  52. Joe says:

    Bill, did you get an answer? I’m wondering the same thing. I live in BFE and Nextel is the only co with reliable svc. Does the 8350 run on Nextel network for calls or only PTT?

  53. meghan says:

    I ordered mine friday from the store here in indianapolis. And it came in today. How I got it so quick I’m not sure. But I’m pretty happy with it so far.

  54. Meghan says:

    There are any 8350i cases, but i’m getting a case tomorrow that my dealer recommends but they didn’t have any in so i haven’t seen it yet.

    It comes with a usb cord, microSD card, head phones, CD and of course directions

    The charger is a travel charger to teeth fold up so that they won’t get ruined

  55. Bill says:

    It is a 100% Nextel crap service! I have no idea why they did not make this phone a HYBRID like there other newer phones with the direct connect.

    This really sucks as Nextel service is terrible in the NY Metro area and I am shit out of luck on being able to have have a Blackberry with direct connect that actually works. Verizon is starting to look very interesting as they have great plans and the phone service actually works.

    It took them years to come out with a new blackberry and it is crap

    WAY TO GO SPRINT! Way to keep the customers happy!

  56. Paul says:

    Sorry to hear that Bill, move here to Detroit. The service is great here because everyone is moving out of here and less people are on the phone…LOL

  57. Paul says:

    WOW, my phone left the KY warehouse at 3.00AM last night and is already here and out for delivery in the Detroit area. Now that is true one day service…

  58. Johanna says:

    OMG, I ordered the phone yesterday on-line and it’s on the UPS truck for delivery, I am so excited. I can’t sit at work knowing my phone is on it’s way. I may need to take a vacation day tomorrow to stay home and play with my new toy. How great is this?? We should create a Facebook group of all of us so we can work out the kinks together.

  59. Brian says:

    I agree w/ Johanna on the facebook group idea. I have a question for those that have it…. does this one cut off your text msgs??? it BETTER not. I HAAATE. that. If this new one hasn’t worked that seemingly simple task out….NEXTEL is a bunch of morons.

  60. Actually sprint systems still state January.. but I placed a web order right after getting off the phone with the rep and it went through and waiting for tracking #.. Such a mess.. So if you want it.. stick with the weborders..

  61. Paul says:

    That is true, Jan is the release for the in store products, can’t just walk in and buy one. Til then you have to order them online or by phone. That was the last I was told by the dealer at the Sprint store.

  62. NevadaScorpion says:

    Status: Your order is awaiting processing at the warehouse. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. If you have questions, please call 866-789-8292 between 8:00 a.m. EST to 11:00 p.m. EST Monday to Friday or 9:00 a.m. EST to 9:00 p.m. EST on Saturdays and Sundays.

  63. Meghan says:

    I hope the group helps, because a lot of reps don’t know about this phone so they won’t be able to answer a lot of questinos. Luckily, i’ve only had general blackberry questions

  64. Johanna says:

    Well, as much as I want this phone and I know I’ll love it; I have never had a Blackberry so I am going to need a support group. I hope we all stick together with this, then we can learn all the nuances.

  65. NevadaScorpion says:

    I’m with Johanna!!! I like the Facebook idea! Lets hold hands and learn together. Nobody can make it alone. We all need Jesus and fellowship. Lets stick together and learn from one another.

  66. Johanna says:

    My phone was delivered to my apt not even 24 hours after I ordered it, how awesome is this? Except I am not there so I have to wait ’til later to see it. I’m going to be up all night playing with it.

  67. George says:

    I’m with Johanna, I ordered my blackberry yesterday around 4 pm it was at my door today at 11am. Good luck getting it activated, I’ve been on hold for over an hour and a half.

    Nevada : I never had a tracking number post. Mine had the same message this morning and it was already on the local ups truck headed to my house.

  68. Paul says:

    I got mine activated, they are a little rusty on it and you cant transfer the contacts from your old phone, they told me to take it to a sprint store for it.

  69. George says:

    i have multiple phones on my account, they’re having issues if you ordered it as an upgrade for one and switch it over. the phone works nothing else as of yet.

  70. NevadaScorpion says:

    Status: Your order has been shipped and activated. Click on the shipping tracking number to track the progress of your order. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery. UPS delivery Date is 12/18/08 BUT tracking shows as of 7:34 am 12/17/08 that its already OUT FOR DELIVERY!!! Cool Beans! I cant wait to get my hands on my new BB! I’ll give review later.

  71. Walt says:

    Ok, so how about all you lucky folks who already have your blackberry curve 8350i give those of us still waiting, or still deciding, a little bit of your personal opinion of the latest and greatest. Is it just as great as the original BB curve just add IDEN DC? or do you have any beefs?

  72. Meghan says:

    I wouldn’t image that, that would matter.  I used my gmail account.  But maybe you could call to you store, my store actually set everything up for me, so i didn;t have to do anything.  Maybe it was something they did in setup, not sure though.

  73. Johanna says:

    You’re right, it’s probably in the setup.

    Paul, I didn’t mean your email, I meant the emails of people I know, I’m sorry for my ambiguous wording but your response gave me a good laugh.

  74. Brian says:

    I don’t want to put u out,but if and when u get a chance could u send someone a looong message and ask them if it all came through and tell me in here??? LOL. I really wanna know the answer to that ? because like i said that was just about my only complaint w/ my 7100i. Other than it being a fossil.

  75. Paul says:

    Hey Brian, Most phones can only get 130-160 characters per text, so don’t be disappointed if it happens. I am also a guide for ChaCha.com and we are limited to 130 on our answers. But if i find out more i will let you know.

  76. Brian says:

    Question: I received my 8350i today, and all is good except, I am not getting any text messages from anyone; however, I can text out and they receive it fine…. Any clue to why this is???

  77. Brian says:

    Thanks Paul. But if you had the 7100i you’ll remember that it didn’t even show you how many characters you had used. On top of that, it would just let you keep typing, assuming that the person would just get the full msg but just in 2 or 3 texts, like other phones. NOPE. You had to eyeball how many words were enough

  78. Brian says:

    Right, wit the 7100 it would just cut it clean off at the stopping point, which was about midway down the screen. I became pretty good at judging what the limit was LOL

  79. meghan says:

    Brian, I went to my nextel store today and the rep told me the exact same thing the Paul posted. It looks like it will still cut the message off with out giving you warning of a word count. Which sucks but I am still enjoying the phone

  80. Brian says:

    bullshit. I’m pissed. lol. I hate to complain but what the HELL is it w/ the IDEN network that doesn’t allow good texting??!! oh well. DAMN. and i get mine 2morrow…that kinda rains on my parade

  81. Scott says:

    Just wanted to share my experience.
    I work for a large company that has been a Nextel customer from the “get go”, and relies heavily on the IDEN DC. I was never a fan of the older Nextel Blackberries… especially the 7100i – I refused to get one – just kept an 8800 phone.
    Once I heard about the 8350 coming out, I agreed to get one. And, so far, LOVE IT… it is everything it’s been advertised to be so far.
    The only thing our company mobile telecom tech has encountered is the web set-up software / interface has not been working too well for her. She has pretty much had to get on the phone and deal with the Customer Service folks at Sprint to get each of the phones activated, which is very time consuming.
    Not to make anyone jealous that’s still waiting on one, but our company has probably over 450 Nextel Phones. When I picked-up my new 8350 the other day, there was a “crate” with literally over 40 of them sitting there. (For obvious reasons, I won’t say where I work.)
    Bottom line though, for anyone considering one, I would highly recommend it!

  82. Paul says:

    I found a couple things i didn’t like that i was use to. I am use to the phone saying the name of the person calling through the bluetooth, 8350i doesn’t have that feature nor does it play the ring tone through the bluetooth. Has a generic ring for everything. Also, if you have to take your old phone in to transfer the contact information, it didn’t transfer any direct connect numbers. But overall I like the phone, now that i figured it all out.

  83. meghan says:

    Paul, my direct connect numbers transfered over just fine. Maybe someone didn’t do your transfer right. But what did happen to me would be some of the names were cut off so I had to go in and finish writing some of those.

  84. meghan says:

    One thing I didn’t like was that the phone was advertized with Documents to go but in order to actually compose a new document you have to pay extram if not I guess you can only view attachments.

  85. Brian says:

    I know this phone is light years ahead of the 7100 and other nextel bbs..BUT…a NEW phone should offer everything that’s already availabe, PLUS some. right??? oh well. i’m still pumped about gettin it. If no other reason, it looks better than the 7100 and has a camera

  86. Scott says:

    Just one other thing I wanted to share.
    From hearing from others in my company that had the older Blackberries, there was a problem with getting the direct connect numbers to sync properly with Microsoft Outlook. Again, I’m a first time user of a Blackberry, but I entered in the DC #s of my contacts in the “Radio” field in Microsoft Outlook, and everything has worked perfectly so-far.

  87. Milord King says:

    I got my new blackberry on the 16th from sprint. 1st of all they gave me the phone for FREE!!! 2) They overnighted the phone to me…Ive been using it for a couple days now…I can tell you its worth getting..But I wouldnt pay 150.00 for it…Sprint isnt doing do great with a stock price around 1.50 they need to retain us business accounts..

    Hope this helps..

  88. Johanna says:

    Day 4:
    Still lovin my 8350i but I’ve been threatened by my family if I don’t stop saying let me introduce you to my little friend”, doing a bad Al Pacino impression

  89. Meghan says:


    you probably did read some where that you could do that because at first i was told that it would be a Sprint phone with nextel direct connect. If that was true what you said makes sense. But later i was told that everything would be Nextel which was kind of disapointing because i’ve had a lot of problems with nextel’s service, but i have to have the PPT for work, so Im stuck with it. But having the curve makes me like nextel so much better. Its kinda like finally a somewhat up to date data phone!

  90. Louis says:

    The most anoying thing is when people call me and ask !have you gottton my text message!! No i havent. I have to take the battery out, when i put it back in, almost then all my messages come through! Does anyone know why it does this??

  91. Brian says:

    Got mine last night finally. Thought i was gonna have to pay the full 479 cuz i wasn’t elig for an upgrade, but I didn’t. Got it for 264 and some change minus the rebate!! Likin it so far but similar to Louis, when text msgs come thru, it always says message not retreived yet?? I have to click on retreive now, as if it came while i was in a bad reception area?? Emails are working fine tho. I’m call blackberry support about that…

  92. Paul says:

    Hey Brian that is normal for the messages to say that. You have to retrieve them from the server, there not sent to your phone, only the notification you have a message.
    My phone is shutting off for no reason and i have to take the battery out to get it on, 3 times now this happened. Nextel is out of phones and cant replace it, they told me to send it back and when they get one they would send me one. Bunch of crap, 4 days old and doesn’t work right. Ohh they dont know when they will have more so if you are having problems, good luck getting any phones replaced. And they say i only have 30 days to return it, even if i have to go without a phone. Anyone else having this problem???

  93. louis says:

    The emails are fine…I’m not even getting the messages sent to the phone,I pretty much have full service the time.taking out the batt is such a pain to retrive my text.

  94. Brian says:

    PLUM BUM…..THANKYOU. that worked PERFECTLY. Guess what “blackberry support” told me…….I quote, “That’s just something that phone DOES right now…u’ll have to wait until after the first of the year for software to be updated, then it might be fixed…..” Some support.. again. Thankyou.

  95. Joe G says:

    Does anybody know how the internet is. I want to know. I heard that the 7100 was slow as shit. So i dont know if i want to get this one if it is slow. Yes i am upset too cause i heard you can watch T.V. on the curve. Give me some feed back on this phone cause i never had a BB before.

  96. Scott says:

    To change ringtones, go to / click on the “Speaker Symbol” from the menu screen – scroll down with the track ball to “Advanced”. When the next menu comes-up, click back on “Normal (Active)” again.
    Once you get there, it should be pretty easy… you can do a NUMBER of different settings / combinations of sounds / vibrate for EVERYTHING… from email messages, to phone calls, etc, etc.
    The thing you have to be careful about, is once you get to the Menu for say “Blackberry Messenger New Message”, you can select the first couple things like “Tone” and then the specific tone you want, but it seems like the default for most “volumes” is: MUTE.. you have to also change that.

  97. slso says:

    When using the calendar in the new Nextel BB, can I hook it up to my PC with the USB cable and do everything there and then transfer to my BB.

    Did everybodyys BB come with a SDcard? I didn’t see one in my box, but will look again.

  98. slso says:

    When using the calendar on the BB can I hook it up through my PC with the USB and transfer everything to my BB?

    Did everybody get a SDcard with their BB? I didn’t see one, but will look in the box again.

  99. meghan says:


    Push the freckles button next to the green phone button. That will take you to the page where all your icons are from there you move them around by highlighting the one you want to
    move then push the freckles button again then move the icon to where you want it.

  100. slso says:

    Does anybody know how to delete all old calls from the new Nextel BB? Also, when I PTT somebody, it shows in the history everytime there seems to be a break in a conversation. i.e if I talk for 15 minutes to the same person, that persons name is in the history SEVERAL times?

  101. Paul says:

    My phone is shit!!! freezing up all the time, having to take the battery out to get it back on. I have to always look to make sure the phone is on. And Nextel won’t help, I knew I should of switched….

  102. Meghan says:


    That really sucks. Mine has froze up but only once. I would have a serious problem with Sprint/Nextel right now if I were you. And i would handle it quitely.

  103. Meghan says:


    If you don’t mind paying for wall papers you can go to nextel downloads from their site on your phone and they may have some stuff on there

  104. Johanna says:

    To move an icon on the Home screen, perform the following steps:
    1.On the Home screen, select the icon.
    2.Hold the Alt key and click the Trackwheel.
    3.Move the icon to the desired location and click the Trackwheel.

  105. Scott says:

    To keep the BB from logging all your Direct Connect Calls, etc, from the main menu, click on the “Green Handset” Key, which pulls up your recent calls list.
    Click the Menu Key
    Scroll Down to “Options”
    Click on “Call Logging”
    Scroll Down to / Click on “None”
    That will stop your message in-box from being “flooded” by Direct Connect and other calls, etc.

  106. i didn’t have to set it up on my 7100, i don’t see why you would have to on the 8350. Just when another person calls , press the green phone button, and it should put the 1st call on hold, while talking to the newly received call

  107. Paul says:

    Help menu says you can shut off call waiting but you can’t. Doesn’t matter, I am on my second phone and it shuts off when ever it wants, just like my first one. These phones are junk. I am giving Sprint one more more chance to get me a phone that works or I will just go back to my 580.

  108. well the wait is over i have order the blackberry 8350i.well frist of all the shipping sucks order the phone did get here untill 12/29/09.sprint needs to stop trying to sell the data plan.i was paying 100 cellphone bill with the data plan it went back up

  109. Brian says:

    Just an FYi regarding the text msging cut off issue i had..it DOESNT cut off msgs!! I sent a long msg to my friend and, of course i ran out of characters in the initial msg but it DID go thru to her phone as 3 msgs!! My prayers were answered. lol. Merry Christmas to me!!!

  110. slso says:

    Thank you Paul you seem to know this phone (8350i)pretty well. I’ve got another question. This has started today, when i recieve a phone call, I answer it and you can hear person over the speakerphone for about 2 seconds befor it goes to the earpiece (private). I hope I make sense

  111. George says:

    Is anyone else having issues with the text messaging?
    I have to turn my phone off and on every few hours to recieve them. Sprint says its a known issue. they recieved and email blah blah blah the scripted lines they like to give.

    Anyone else in this dilemema?

  112. will says:

    I have had it happen twice where a person will text @ nite and I dont get it untill 7:32 the next A.M. Does anyone know how to download pic.s from phone to computer? software wont work?

  113. You just have to send a mms text with the individual pic in it to your email address. Sending one pic at a time, would give you your pics. Unless you save the pics to the memory card, and get an adapter for the chip to fit into your desktop/laptop

  114. Brian says:

    Also, when i text someone, the last thing that they texted me shows up on their phone WITH my new text. Even if we haven’t texted in a while..Is that happening w/ anyone else? How can you stop that from happening?

  115. Brian says:

    Johanna if it’s a blue “f” next to the time that’s your facebook mobile if you have set that up for your phone (the blackberry facebook thing). Go to your menu and go to downloads and see if you have msgs or other notifications from facebook there. Once you view them the f will go away. Not sure about the 9 and red dot though.

  116. George says:

    unbelievable, my texting is working on and off now (somewhat mostly on). but now my email takes 6 hours to go through.

    your charging for something your not supplying and suckered me into an additional 2 years fraudulently offering it.

  117. hey george sprint is doing this to raise there prices for using the service with this blackberry.the problem is that they are trying to combine the nextel direct ,blackberry networks together it does not work and they know this.every since sprint brought nextel, the new phone’s have been junk.i have brought 10 of them for my workers if they don’t work sprint has lost another corp account

  118. slso says:

    I have an 8350i and when I call my wife on her Sprint cell phone or her office landline she hears her own voice echo? Anybody else have this problem?

  119. santy a says:

    2 make ur phone ring more than 3 times go 2 profiles go 2 advance open folder go 2 phone open folder edit number of vibration 1,2,or3 “1 vibration only”

  120. Paul says:

    Thanks, but that isnt the problem. Blackberry Reps cant figure out why it is. We already downloaded new software, re provisioned the phone and everything else you would normally do. I am looking for others that have had this problem, no way i am the only one with 3 different phones.

  121. Brian says:

    Paul my phone has only shut off when i tried to do a “voice dial” call from my bluetooth h710 headset. It’s supposed to say “say a command” in my ear, but it wouldn’t, it would jsut show on my screen..i would say a name, and nothing. Then when i would turn off my headset, i couldn’t make a regular call. And when someone tried to call me, it would turn off. I ended up breakin my bluetooth out of frustration, now i don’t even have 1 anymore i just use the phone. lol.

  122. Brian says:

    By the way, people keep tellin me when i text them that they are receiving their last text they sent to me w/ my msg. Has anyone else had anyone say that? It’s not a big deal, but just annoying.

  123. Paul says:

    This is a Nextel phone, It cant be used on the Sprint network. Sprint does have a Blackberry Curve but it is the 8330 without the direct connect feature.

  124. Paul says:

    FYI, After three phones, countless hours on the phone with Sprint and RIM concerning my phone shutting down and freezing up, i have figured out that the WiFi while on for long times was overheating the phone, shutting it down and killing the battery. After not using the WiFi at all for almost a week the phone has never shut down, overheated, and battery doesn,t even come close to dying. So if anyone else has a problem like i did you may want to try this.

  125. Brian says:

    So Paul what would you suggest? If you use the wifi just make sure you turn it off when you’re done? Also, i don’t use the wifi much, or haven’t yet ,basically is it a thing where u just have to hope you’re in an area where someone hasn’t secured their wireless in order to use it??

  126. Paul says:

    I don’t even turn mine on anymore, but yes unless you have no coverage and a wireless network then use it. RIM Rep told me he never uses his WiFi for anything and it is just as fast as the WiFi through the network. I am only go to use it for a back up, and not leave it on for long.

  127. Meghan says:

    Has anyone been able to solve the text messaging problem? I don’t receive my texts all the time or my emails. I recently have had to take the battery out of my phone to reset it, in order to receive both my text messages and emails. I remember reading people having this similar problem, and since my store rep doesn’t know how to solve the problem i thought i’d ask here.

    Thanks for your help!

  128. Paul says:

    I dont use my texting to much but have only had minor delays, my email comes through just great and have had no problems with them.
    Spint says they are working on the texting but i dont understand why most of us get our emails but cant get texting. You would think it would be the other way around.

  129. Brian says:

    My texts and emails are fine, but it’s just people say they get their text to me back w/ my reply, like it comes as 2 msgs, the 2nd being their text.
    And Paul what i was moreso asking was, if ur in an area where you need a “key” to unlock the wifi, then u just can’t use it right? Youhave to be somewhere where there’s an unlocked service correct?

  130. mouthy says:

    okay people the fone is out now!!!! are you all happy geeeezz!!!!!!! i have already ordered mine and it is coming thursday. all of you people who got in fights over this… it was stupid okay? they said they would realease the phone they may have ahad a problem with it. would you rather them set back the realsese dates or sell faulty fones that did not work?? now think about that. okay sooo they had some issuses GET OVER ITT!!!!!!!

  131. Johanna says:

    I think I made a mistake. I got the 8350i because it had Push-to-Talk but my daughter has the 8330 and she has many more features than I do and she has no texting problems plus she has Sprint TV and Radio. Anybody care to respond?? Please?

  132. Paul says:

    I agree, if it wasnt for the fact that i need the push to talk for work i would had gotten the 8330. I dont understand why the 8350i cant have the same things as the 8330 and just add the PTT. I just got a text that was sent 12 hours ago. Texting has been around how long??? And with this phone you would think it just came out.

  133. Johanna says:

    Paul, you are so right and you’ll love this. I was really sick with the flu Monday night and texted my sister to ask her if she had Tylenol? I got her response this mroning saying yes, I am already backk to work. It takes 12 – 16 hours for me to get a text.

  134. Brian says:

    Well guys i’m jumpin ship. lol. Johanna u just spoke to somethin i’m been pondering on since i got the phone. I have the simply everything plan and i just want more out of my phone so i’m exchangin mine for the 8330 tonight.
    FYI if you’re still w/in 30 days of buyin ur 8350 u can exchange it.

  135. Johanna says:

    Brian, I’m going over to the other side to and getting the 8330, the 12 hour texting time was the last straw for me. Brian, what about the rebate I sent in, will I still be eligible?

  136. Brian says:

    Yea i can definitely feel u on the texting. Regarding the rebate, we should be good. I don’t see why we wouldn’t get it. Plus you’ll get a $50 or so credit on your bill b/c the 8350i is $50 more than the 8330. But that $100 should still be on its way for sure

  137. Todd says:

    Just got my 8350i – Having trouble sending/receiving text messages – I contacted Sprints’ Chat support – She says 8350i does NOT support text messaging – I replied with,”You must be joking!!” She apologized and informed me she was baffled as well – and I could return within 30 days if I was not satisfied!!!

  138. Raul says:

    well i’ve had my BB for 3 days now, It hasn’t turned off by itself….. TEXTING so far so good, I’ve been trying it constantly and i receive text msgs in 30 sec. or so….. I don’t know if people I don’t see a lot have tried to text me and I haven’t received them but I think I’ve received all my texts…… INTERNET, I live in “little town” next to the mexican border in california and since I had the 7100i internet wasn’t that fast, but when I connect to the internet via wi-fi it is kinda fast, i have a top of a line router and internet service though…. SERVICE I’ve just lost signal once inside a room of a building in school…… MULTIMEDIA, it was pretty easy connecting the BB to my computer and transfering a shitload of songs, pictures, ringtones and videos.

    I think I’am the luckiest mofo in this blog….
    if you got a question youu can ask me here..

  139. Meghan says:

    Yeah my Blackberry was great at first too! I remember reading all the complaints on here and thinking I’m so glad that I’m not have those problems. And the next thing i know is that I am having those problems and no one knows how to fix it. I am still to this day have problems with my phone. If I didn’t have to have the Direct Connect for work I would have left nextel a long time ago, because their service sucks!

    Todd, you can send and receive text messages with this phone you just have to send them as MMS’s which you can do easily. Once you get to the name you want to text in contacts just hit the center ball then it will bring up the contact info, then hit the center ball again then scroll down to MMS and push the center ball again and then start typing your message

  140. incredulousk says:

    Just finished reading this blog….zzzzz…anyway, I have had a very difficult time receiving messages; my phone actually informs me (with an icon) that I have messages…but there no where to be found, then POOF! In the folder waiting to be read; and I do take notice that sometimes they are a day late, 2 hours later, and so on.

  141. Steven says:

    I have had my BB for a week now…Spent about 12 hours in tech support to get my emails, text messaging, MMS to work…Its been been 3 days so far and the phone is working flawlessly…I don’t know what they did, but one of the reps stated that the text messaging had a problem and he did some kind of patch work on his end to correct the problem…so far so good and I have been testing it periodically throughout the day…I have to say when this phone operates the way its suppose to, its awesome phone…I just hope it keeps up…I really didn’t enjoy waiting for tech support!

  142. Steven says:

    well its been two weeks and not a single problem with emails, text and MMS…the only glitch is with the camera function which sometimes doesn’t work because it states that there are other applications open and I need to close them….when you try to close out all the programs running the camera still doesn’t work…have to take out the battery and reboot the phone totally…once its rebooted make sure everytime you use any of the functions or applications, close out of them before going to the next item….Once you do this the camera glitch doesn’t show its ugly bug again….I have the phone for two weeks problem free, anyone having problems and gets the run around about RIM having to do a update in software is getting BS…My text, emails, MMS gets to me within 30 seconds or less!

  143. Johanna says:

    Steven, I went to my Sprint Store and complained about the 8350i and they told me that there is a brand new 8350i update on-line which needs to be dowloaded onto the phone which will clear up all the glitches.

  144. Steven says:

    Thanks Johanna…I just did the update and it took about an hour give or take…I didn’t need to back up anything thank god because it would have been a mess, but after the update all my info was still there….Anyone know what specific items and glitches this new program update takes care of??

  145. Steven says:

    Thanks for the quick reply…I am unable to view media from YOUTUBE….is there a media player or adobe flash that I need to load into my blackberry…I am pretty new at this and would like some direction! Thanks for any help

  146. forget the last post, I realize I had to use Wi-Fi to get it working correctly! Just a note the new program update seemed to take out all the glitches…I have tried everything to replicate the problems and could not get it to do it again…The phone seems for now to work flawlessly…For those of you who still have problems goto blackberry downloads and get the latest software…seems all the problems have been addressed!

  147. Paul says:

    I have had problems in the past but I think the new downloads have fixed everything. However I still dont use WiFi unless I am downloading or viewing large pages. Leaving the WiFi on eats the battery life and the internet over the towers is just as fast for the most part. BUT keep in mind guys, this phone is a computer so treat it like one and rebout it every so often. I do it twice a week, just pull the battery out with the phone on and replace after 30 seconds.

  148. Meghan says:

    I just got the software update today.  I haven’t experienced any problems since.  What are the new features with the download?  I’ve noticed a new sports and entertainment folder and a new direct send messages app in the download section.  Does anyone know what these apps are and how to use them?

  149. Tried everything to make the glitch with the camera happen, but this new software download has fixed everything as I can see….It even took out the BUG REPORT icons on the menus and are no longer seen….I am glad its working like it suppose to now…Does anyone know what the new folder in the download icon for direct send app is for?

  150. Steven says:

    I already downloaded the new software last week, but the funny thing today was Sprint sends me a MMS message that there is a OS download for my phone!!! Talk about delays! Well anyway just to update everyone, after the update everything has been addressed….My phone has never experienced the echo, so I don’t know if that part has been fixed, but the others are 100% perfect

  151. Confuzzled says:

    Has anyone figured out how to make it so that you when you reply to a text the person you are replying to message does appear????? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense

  152. dissapointed says:

    The BB 8350i sucks. My emails takes for ever to get in my phone. I don’t get any of the SMS messages. I have to turn my phone off and on every few hours to recieve them. Sprint says its a known issue.

  153. Paul says:

    That issue has been solved, the new software fixes it. Make sure you have the software v4.6.1.128 if not goto http://www.nextel.com/blackberry sroll down to download for blackberry for nextel and click. Then select that version and download to your computer. Then call nextel and ask them to walk you through it. After it is all done make sure you ask them to reset all settings and test your text. The emails i have never had a problem with, even the old version. If all this is done you should have no problems.

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