T-Mobile G1 AIM Issue: Solve this problem

A T-Mobile G1 user over on the android community website has been experiencing a problem with his AIM on his Google G1 so we thought we would see if phones review readers have had the same problem.

Basically when someone sends him a IM on his G1 the message shows up with his name in it as if is the sender, so he can never see who has actually send him the IM. It is a huge problem for him as he has over 100 people stored on his IM even though he can only have 60 people logged in at once trying to guess who sent him the message is not only time consuming but frustrating.

As he feels he is stuck using his default mail client on the G1, he has asked if anyone else had this problem with their T-Mobile G1? Or has anybody found a way to rectify it or is it a case of a faulty G1?

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  1. Charli says:

    Is there no way of getting AIM for the G1 in the UK then? As I am certain I have read reviews coming from UK sites saying that AIM on it is pretty good?

  2. Interstate P says:

    Okay, let’s face it: there’s NO AIM service better than the one on Sidekicks, but after suffering through 2 weeks of an AIMless life, I finally found a way around the bogus AIM service currently being offered on the G1. Download the Meebo IM application from the Android Market and all your ‘sending IMs to yourself’ issues will be resolved. Trust me, I’ve been pissed all this time and this at least works. No away message or end conversation features though. But now you’ll know who’s IMing you. Hope this helps…

  3. martha says:

    i been facing a similar problem 2 ,( i missed my sidekick aim 🙁 , ion the g1 aim i could send and instant message but they will receive it half hour later and i cant receive there instant message this has change my mind about t the phone . i really hope they can fix this situation

  4. cedes says:

    Yes I have the same problem. But with mine ppl can aim me but it alway says everyones offline. This is very frusterating. Also you can’t see pplz icons. Well to somewhat slove this problem you can juss access meebo.com

  5. dave says:

    I feel like returning the g1 for a sidekick, the aim on the g1 is horrible. I absolutely hate it. You can’t see who is I’M you, see away message, set your own away message, and it signs you off all the time. Please update the aim on the g1.

  6. nick says:

    wow all you people bitch about the side kick aim being so much better… then put your sim card back in the side kick, if you remember when the iphone dropped it had tons of glitches and this is the only big problem its the first version of the phone people and god damn its just aim i dont know i mean it pissed me off too but to see all you people bitch like you made the phone is sad the g1 is open sourse go to the android site and read the user friendly how to write a program and see how much better you do…. or just keep posting about how the sidekick is better like that helps

  7. Kim says:

    I LOVE my G1 🙂 my aim works perfectly fine. It sends in like 1 second. Everyone keeps thinking im on my computer but im not. Sidekicks suck! Their aim sucks too. Always waiting for the 3 dots and then the G to appear. Dont like the G1? Then get a sidekick.

  8. ervin says:

    look look I’m young and fucking love aim I mean is where you bag bitches feel me they gotta updated if not I’m out to the sidekick aleast the iphone you could download some good as fucking aim . bang bang nuff sed 1

  9. well yes the tmobile g1’s aim does sucks but there have been updates and theres more to come. in the market u search im and there will be meebo and im+ that works great.. but its a 7 da free trial so meanwhile the updates happen you can use one of them.. if u have any questions you can contact me at euricduran@yahoo.com,xxeuricxx@aol.com,euric11@yahoo.com

  10. Mari says:

    Kay, Im 19, AIM is damn near life! lol I love my g1 but Its hard going from aim all the time on my sidekiCk lX to aim that doesnt workk. If & WHEN a sidekick typed aim app is avaliable my g1 will be perfect, until then I guess im stuck with meebO ;(

  11. rachie says:

    kay i g0t da white g1&&i l0vee it t00h death. changed frum an lx t00h g1 cause everyb0dyy and der m0mma g0t 0ne. plus yhu can d0o wayy m0re with a g1. newaysz da aim 0n mine is fine. jhust da away messagesz n0t k00o. h0pefully can fix it. bhut im really n0t dhat tripppinn. i can see pe0plesz away. YAY if deyy can sett away messagesz th0. 0ther than dhat im n0t switching bacC t00h sidekicC cause! yhu alwaysz l00sing service, tmail 0nlyy w0rksz when it wntz t00h. bhut yeah lol=]]

  12. JESSICA says:


  13. Interstate P says:

    On an earlier post I made (November 8th), I said downloading the Meebo app would solve most of the AIM problems. Actually after using it up until about a week ago, it completely sucks as well. It just won’t keep you signed on. HOWEVER, if you go to Meebo.com, you can log in using the same interface and its a LOT better. You can see icons, put away messages. Basically it works pretty good. It still signs you out from time to time, but you don’t have to keep putting in your login information because it saves it, so all you have to do to sign back in is press the ‘sign in’ button. So far, this is the BEST option, but I’m still waiting for T-Mobile and Google to get their shit together so I can AIM without all the hassle..

  14. e~man says:

    wo0ow i was planing to buy the white G1 today but after reading this im thinking about buying the sidekick but i might buy the G1 and if it suxx ill sell it and buy the sk o8 :]

  15. lauren says:

    The aim absolutely sucks there is only one aim that does no sign me off every minute which is http://www.airaim.com its more work to keep refreshing the page but it works meebo sucks an the phone aim is okay for a two minute conversation other than that my phone is good I had a sidekick since the sk1 was out and I miss it a lot if the update doesn’t come soon I mite just have to part with this phone though I agree that we shouldn’t complain but us not saying it doesn’t work , doesn’t help tmobile understand wats wrong. If there’s any notices on the update please fill me in ! Thanks

  16. titus says:

    Yo there’s a new aim out 4 tha G1 its in the market its called hello aim and it works perfectly in my opion its just as good as the sidekicks so give it a try

  17. Ok so I have been with the SK for years since SK 1., and I must say it has the best aim. its quick personalized and amazing. Now I have the G1 and ive been using Meebo since the AIM that came with is horrible in EVERYONES OPINION. but last night i downloaded the Hello AIM app and its beyond words. it has some faults but is seriously on the road to better than the sidekick if they can just fix the fact that we wouldnt have to scroll the entire list to search for the person we were speaking with after pressing back to go check an email or answer a call. besides that i really love it!

  18. Alvin says:

    you people shouldnt be soo over dramatic about this its just aim yeah its like every day use or watever but still theres alot of other thing on the g1 to do and have you people try downloading hello AIM on the g1……

  19. y-gizzle says:

    Man I hope dat hello aim shit u can put away and availble messages upp cuzz this g1 would be da. Soo much of wat I thought it was gonna be if da aim dope

  20. blackfireshocker says:

    OK, to all the noobs out there: go to Settings > Applications > Manage Apps. > I’M Storage
    Clear it, re-input your I’M info and stop whining.

  21. Denny Havok says:

    So how good is this HELLO app?? Why should I get the G1? The AIM problem is making me not want to get it. I’m using my sidekick ID. Now before I hear the jokes bout me using the ID, let me just say that I have no use for an mp3 player or a camera on this phone. My ipod and digital camera work fine so the stripped down kick is right for me. However, I’ve had it for over a yr and the contract expires in october. I was eyeing the G1 for a long time but as much as I don’t want to admit, I need AIM on my fone. Mobile AIM is horrible since back in the day and never has been appealing.

  22. Rabbit says:

    Yep, I came across the same problem, and just got my G1 on Thursday. I love it so far, but that AIM sucks. Id send someone a message, and they would reply back with my screenname and im just like WTF? They need a patch quick.

    Downloaded Hello Aim and it works great.

    By far, the Sidekick has the BEST Instant Messenger clients. I will give them that.

  23. bre says:

    I’ve had the sidekick since sk1 as well and used AIM everyday. Now I have the G1, and let me tell you its so hard going from aiming everyday, to a phone where the aim doesn’t even effin work. I miss my sidekick’s AIM. I had the same problem receiving IM’s from myself when I IM’d someone, so I downloaded Hello IM. Its not great, its not even good. Ok it let’s you put an icon up and write an away, but what good is that if the app signs me off every 5 mins?? Its soo suckish. Another thing is that you have to have full service to send the IM. If you send a IM and there is no service it just doesn’t go through. It doesn’t automatically send when you regain service, the message just sits there in the convo box looking as if it was sent. So I’m sitting waiting for a reply when my original message wasn’t even sent to begin with lol. Please please fix this problem. I love this phone other than the AIM problem and I would really like to keep it.

  24. deanna says:

    I’m having the same problems… wen someone imd me I thought that someone else was on my screen name and I’m like wtf… and it confuses me wen I’m talkin to 3 people at once cuz I have no idea who’s telling me wat. Also I have another problem… my friends always use the aim on my phone so now for some reason… everytime I try to sign into my sn.. it signs into my friend’s and I don’t kno were to go to take the automatic thingy off cuzz it must be on automatic sign in to do that..

  25. arianna says:

    Well I have the g1 and my aim works perfect fine maybe something wrong with your phone .maybe u need to restart it.u people at like when the sidekick came out it was perfect .so all u people need to relax

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