T-Mobile G1 hacked: follows Apple iPhone

A gaping loophole in Android operating system on the T-Mobile G1 has been exploited by hackers who managed to jailbreak the Google phone. Although they do say that this jailbreak isn’t as impressive as the one that took place on Apple’s iPhone, which took several weeks for the hackers to get though the locks that was placed on the iPhone, the T-Mobile G1 open-source operating system only took the hackers one minute to gain root access, although you would reckon you would have to be a Linux geek to do it this fast.

You can see the hack for the G1 on the XDA-Developers forum, basically you use the PTerminal application to telnet to the device’s IP address and just like magic you how have the root, you can full steps on this hack here.

With this jailbreak it will allow to run your T-Mobile G1 like it was never intended to be. Google have said they are planning a patch that will be distributed to close the loophole.

Source: theregister

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