Palm Treo Pro smartphone event with Karren Brady

The guys over at Palm kindly invited phones review to a launch party of their smartphone the Palm Treo Pro, so not one to miss a drink and find out more about the new Palm Treo I went along. What was great about the event was not only did we get to play with the Palm Treo Pro we also got a two course meal thrown in for good measures by Michelin star chef Brett Graham which was delicious.

On the night that I went along, Karren Brady, the first lady of English football, who has been the Managing Director of Birmingham Football Club since 1993, Karren gave a speech about business and talked about how she turned the clubs fortune around and was voted Business Women of the Year in 2007. Although I was a little surprised that there wasn’t much said about the Palm Treo Pro on stage but all the same Karren was great and very inspirational.

Throughout the evening we were given the Palm to play and played a trivial quiz, this was done by receiving the questions on the palm, some questions were picture images and we had to guess who the business people were and other general knowledge questions, we could use the Palm Treo Pro anyway we wanted to get the answers, we “googled” we “phoned a friend” and all the other ways we could cheat or was it being more innovative. The winning table won a Palm Treo Pro for the entire table, unfortunately we didn’t win.

Once the quiz was over, I was waiting for a big speech about the Treo but there was still nothing, so just before I left I managed to get hold of Palm’s Trevor Walker, who very kindly talked me through the phones capabilities.

So for those of you who are comparing the Palm Treo Pro with the iPhone think again, this device is much more a competitor to the BlackBerry Bold, it actually looks like my BlackBerry Pearl from the façade although the Palm has a thin design but the same shape as the BlackBerry Bold.

Click here to read the article I wrote explaining the Palm Treo Pro and how it compares to the BlackBerry Bold. Check out more event photo’s below.

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