How to build your own T-Mobile G1 Phone

Do you like experimenting and building gadgets, if so how about having a go at building your own T-Mobile G1 mobile phone? The guys over at iSuppli actually stripped a Google Android T-Mobile G1 apart piece by piece, and then calculated the material cost as $143.89.

The $143.89 figure however is estimated component and material costs for the G1 mobile phone and does not take into account other expense such as R&D, manufacturing costs and software.

So the key components come out at…Baseband $28.49…Camera $12.13…Radio Frequency power and amplifier portion $9.84… Display $19.67…other components $73.76.

For a complete run down visit the source. So knowing the BOM is now roughly $143.89 and that the G1 sells for just under $180, is that price a good deal?

Source — isuppli

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