New Apple iPhone 2.2 screen shots of App Store

There have been a few screens of the Apple iPhone 2.2 firmware floating around on the net waves the past few days, but now the lads over at BGR have managed to snap up some new screens of the new look Apple App Store.

When you look you will notice some considerable improvements have been showered on the App Store as now the iPhoner can sort categories such as top free apps, top paid apps and by release date too.

Then there’s the categories icon, each category has its own icon next to it rather than just the plain old text. Another good improvement is the iPhoner is now able to brows through all the app screen shots so the iPhoner can gain a good visual of the application before deciding to download.

Source — BGR


3 thoughts on “New Apple iPhone 2.2 screen shots of App Store”

  1. PNoonan says:

    I Phone

    Can not delete individual Phone calls from the recent or missed call lists
    Can not copy and paste
    Can not foward texts
    Can not send or receive picture messages
    Text messages pop up to front middle of screen and you do not have the option to turn that off
    You can not hide applications you do not use

  2. Brian says:

    The Samsung BEHOLD is trash, and cop-out, and a copy-cat. The iPhone started it all and continues to be the leader. And it will be that way for a long, long time….

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