Why Apple should buy Sprint?

So why should Apple buy Sprint you may ask, well Greg Mills, a MacDailyNews reader believes Apple should, as he says Sprint continues to bleed customers by the million, and that Sprint has tried to correct a corporate tradition of putting their bottom line first and customers last and its understood that customers are suckers to be baited.

Whereas in Mills opinion Apple is everything Sprint isn’t. Apple is innovative, has a world class customer service, and is a technology leader. And with the AT&T Apple iPhone exclusivity coming to and end in a year or so, Apple has been looking at wireless infrastructure and has expertise in this area.

WiMax or IEEE 802.16 wireless formats is a last mile solution and Sprint has been developing such a network and therefore Apple should buy into the new system by purchasing Sprint at an attractive price. Sprint should approach Apple and offer a sweet deal to sell out to Apple as they have $25 billion in and credit to make the purchase of Sprint.

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