Telus BlackBerry Storm Toy Commercial Video

This has got to be the cutest BlackBerry Storm Commercial yet, its advertising the Storm coming to Telus, the commercial starts with an Otter taping a Christmas ball, that then sends the ball on a adventure journey, domino’s through cardboard Christmas slays, rolling down slides, being catapulted through the air to say the words ‘Magic Happens When you give it Smart’ referring to Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry range and the launch of the Storm.

The BlackBerry Storm commercial ends with the final Christmas ball coming down on an air balloon to switch on the Christmas tree lights to the amazement of the Otters, then the BlackBerry Storm appears on Christmas star.

Then you see the BlackBerry Storm, the BlackBerry Curve, the BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Bold spinning round and they all end up in a nice green Christmas present with the page frame saying BlackBerry Storm Coming soon changing into the frame Telus the future is friendly.

Let us know what you think of the commerical? and if you can work out how many BlackBerry smartphone models end up swirling round at the end, did I miss any?


5 thoughts on “Telus BlackBerry Storm Toy Commercial Video”

  1. matt allsp says:

    dude i think its a meerkat not a otter lol, normally find those in the water. either way pretty cool and now i want a bloody otterkat along with my storm

  2. A says:

    At the end it’s 4 models but there’s a few different colours of a couple of them. There’s a Storm, an HTC Diamond, red and silver Curves and red, pink and blue Pearls.

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