INQ1 slider from 3 network launched in London

Remember the 3 network subsidiary INQ announcing the INQ1 mobile phone? Well it is now launched in London with an official “coming soon” tag…which could mean before Christmas or next year, difficult to judge with “coming soon.”

Anyway, as you may remember, the INQ1 isn’t that special a mobile phone, nothing fancy or remotely revolutionary, but the one thing going for it is its integration with Skype, 3 like that, and Facebook too along with several other consumer apps.

When the INQ1 does eventually become available the slider design mobile handset will be available in silver and black, but as yet the exact pricing isn’t known, but rumour has it the INQ1 should retail somewhere around £99.00 without contract.

Source — Engadget


2 thoughts on “INQ1 slider from 3 network launched in London”

  1. Fernando says:

    While I don’t think this is worst phone ever made, this is definetely the worst phone I’ve ever had.

    To begin with I got one of these babies from 3 and it was a nutty freak show, I mean the phone would start raising the volume on its own, the keys got stuck, I would choose one song to play when someone called me and another one would play and sometimes the menus would change on its own, or contacts would disappear.

    I badly wanted to change this phone for a different model but they told me at 3 that no it could be done so I finally settled for changing this one for another one of the same model, when they gave the new one to me it didn’t have a memory card in the box so I had to go back and get one (it makes me think that probably there were pieces inside the phone) but then I was moderately happy, the new phone actually performs a lot better than the former.

    But I am still not fully happy, this phone is very sloppy and it does very strange things as well. For instance sometimes when I unplug it from the power after its charged, the phone thinks it is still charging and the bar keeps blinking up.

    Now that doesn’t bother me much, you can turn it on and off and it will be fine but what really bothers me is that the battery doesn’t last long at all, it only lasts for a day (and that’s being optimist and not talking that much) and then it dies and you have to charge it again.

    My older phone (which was really, really old) was a nokia and the battery lasted for up to a week if you didn’t talk much and if you did talk it lasted for a two or three days at least, you can imagine that I am a bit upset about this.

    Another thing that makes me want to cry is that if the battery is very, very low, the phone wont let you turn on, even if it is plugged in (it displays a message that says that battery is really low, please charge before turning on) Are you even kidding me? No phone I ever had you couldn’t turn on when it was plugged in, it is pathetic.

    Another thing I really dislike about this phone is that it is very slow, to turn on, to operate, to everything, it is just clumsy, yeah yeah it has tons of features for the price but who cares? Give me less features but a phone that it is reliable.

    My advice to you is DO NOT get this phone if you go with 3, look at reviews online as you are doing now and compare all the phones they offer you, I should’ve gone with a nokia or something else but I did this on an impulse and now I am stuck with this piece of crap for 18 months and I shudder just to think what’s going to happen as time goes by, how the freaky phone will start to act.

    So even if you pay more, do youself a favor and avoid the misery of being an user of this pathetic phone.

  2. Al says:

    I agree with fernando & I wish I had read reviews about the INQ1 before taking out an 18mth contract. Even though I got it FREE on contract.

    I didnt notice when I got it, that is doesnt have a front camera. I only noticed that when I was about to make a video call. How are you supposed to make two way video calls without a front camera?

    People need a phone thats going to work properly…the INQ1 doesnt.

    The signal strength on the INQ1 is appalling, whereas a nokia handset in the same location will have 2-3 bars signal, the INQ1 has 1 bar or ‘zero. Cant even make calls with this thing.

    The battery life is appalling doesnt last a day. The handset resets itself occasionally-the handset doesnt store settings.. like if you try to disable T9-next time you go back to write anything the T9 comes back..what a joke this handset is.. SO PLEASE TAKE HEED DO NOT BUY THIS HANDSET, DONT EVEN ACCEPT IT FOR ‘FREE’ ON A NEW CONTRACT…DO NOT GO THROUGH THE HASSLE IVE GONE/GOING THROUGH.

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