Samsung B130 £4.95: Cheapest Phone at Carphone Warehouse

Well you can forget the credit crunch for one moment and go and get yourself the Samsung B130 mobile phone at Carphone Warehouse for just £4.95.

Yes, literally this pay-as-you go special from Samsung really is just £4.95 so there really is no excuse not to buy the B130 and call all your loved ones this Christmas, Carphone warehouse say this deal will run right up to Christmas so it could be the perfect bargain present for someone.

So what do you get for you £4.95 and from the Samsung B130, ok it is a basic mobile phone with no camera, but you do get a colour screen (not a touchscreen, this is no way a BlackBerry Storm, well for £4.95 what do you expect!) but it does have polyphonic ringtones.

Andrew Harrison the Boss of the Carphone Warehouses chain said they are committed to bring the best deals to their customers, with affordable mobiles, and the Samsung B130 is certainly a credit crunch-busting mobile. Perfect basic mobile at a perfect price, get yourself to Carphone warehouse and get your very own Samsung B130!

Source: Sun

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