What you can expect from Nokia in 2009

Are you a Nokia fan who isn’t quite happy with what Nokia has been offering lately? Maybe the Nokia N96 isn’t quite you, perhaps you found the Nokia 5800 somewhat of a disappointment as well, if you are then maybe Nokia has something better is store for the near future.

The guys over at Engadget have posted what appears to be a list of Nokia prototype mobile handsets, most don’t seem to be of too much importance but there are a few goodies in the list such as the “Jig”, a landscape slider destined for AT&T, or how about the 3 inch VGA display “Corolla”, or maybe the monster QWERTY candy-bar 5 megapixel “Eitri.”

Of course quite a few of these Nokia prototypes will never make it to the streets, but it’s good to know that Nokia are keeping on the ball for 2009.

Source — Engadget

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